Center for Creative Instruction

About CCI

The Center for Creative Instruction (CCI) is part of the technology group, partnering closely with teams that include Advanced Simulation and Gaming Studio, Virtual Immersive Reality Center, and Information Technology.  CCI also works closely with the Interprofessional Immersive Simulation Center, as well as, the Office of University Communications and Marketing providing web development technology support and solutions, .

Formed in 1993, CCI was a member of the former New Media Consortium (NMC), now EDUCAUSE, and had been recognized as a NMC Center of Excellence. The CCI team has won numerous national, regional and local awards for the innovative and creative solutions.

CCI is a team of web developers, software engineers, multimedia experts, 3D animators, and medical illustrators building effective solutions to shape the future of teaching and learning at the University of Toledo. The highly collaborative team drives innovation by:

  • Building effective solutions that transforms learning;
  • Developing and providing new media and web technology support that enable faculty and staff to most effectively carry out the strategic efforts of the University;
  • Supporting the UToledo brand and web presence with cutting-edge web technology and media solutions that directly drive enrollment, retention and the patient experience;
  • Researching new technology that contributes to improving the human condition;
  • Inspiring and supporting research and entrepreneurial work with faculty, staff, students, and business partners that strengthens the university’s leadership in the local, regional and national economy.

CCI also has a history of entrepreneurial activities involving technology-related product development, including commercial activity supported by Rocket Innovations and a long-standing relationship with McGraw-Hill Education that has included the successful Anatomy & Physiology Revealed: Human, Cat, Pig, and Psychology product series.

Last Updated: 6/27/22