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International Graduate Student Access Program (GAP)

Program Description

The International Graduate Student Access Program (GAP) at The University of Toledo provides intensive language and test preparation training to international graduate applicants who have not met the UToledo graduate level language proficiency requirement. Students enrolled in the GAP will be provisionally admitted to their graduate program and enroll as a full‐time student at the American Language Institute.


Program Goals

The GAP aims at helping international graduate applicants improve their English and academic skills, fulfill language proficiency requirement for applied graduate programs and provide adjustment opportunities to academic life in the United States through a series of graduate level preparation courses.



Any international graduate applicant can directly enter or progress to the GAP if he/she meets all the other admission requirements as determined by the student’s chosen graduate program with the exception of language proficiency test score and is granted provisional admission by the College of Graduate Studies. A student will lose the provisional admission status if he/she cannot meet the language proficiency requirement within one academic year.


Admission Procedure

Step 1:  Student concurrently applies to College of Graduate Studies (COGS) and American Language Institute (ALI).

Step 2:  COGS sends all materials except for proof of language proficiency to department.

Step 3:  Graduate program in each department preliminarily reviews materials and makes conditional admission decision.

Step 4: Student is admitted to ALI to take or progress to GAP courses.

Step 5: Student is admitted to graduate program after completing GAP.


Program Curriculum

Students enrolled in the GAP program will take 18 non-credit hours of intensive English training (30 hours of in-class instruction per week) in a regular 8-week ALI term preparing them for graduate-level course work.


GAP Course Schedule Overview

Graduate Research and Writing

This course provides an overview of typical graduate level writing and helps students refine their academic writing skills through multiple project-based tasks that utilize library research and field-appropriate citation.

Graduate Reading and Vocabulary Strategies

This course facilitates students to develop reading skills to increase academic reading (e.g. textbooks, journal publications) comprehension, reading speed, and note-taking efficiency. Through the exploration of advanced readings in individual disciplines, students will learn how to use technology to discuss readings, organize and manage literature review articles, cite sources, and expand academic vocabulary.

Graduate Oral Communication and Academic Presentation

This course prepares students for the demands of graduate-level coursework by practicing public speaking and group discussion skills. Through multiple project-based assignments, students improve the content, organization and delivery of academic presentations. Through discipline–focused group discussion, students will gain interpersonal language and cross-cultural skills in an academic environment.

Grammar and Editing for Academic Writing

This course guides students to synchronize and practice grammar concepts that are essential for academic writing. Through individualized and case-specific writing analysis, students will evaluate, identify, and correct recurring grammar errors. Students will be able to refine their research writings with authentic and professional academic expressions.



See the tuition rates for the ALI on the Program Costs page


Assessment and Completion Procedure

Students will receive a letter grade for each of the four courses listed in the program curriculum. Successful completion of all courses with a minimum GPA of 3.0 and no course grade below B will grant students the English Proficiency credential for their future graduate program admission.

Students who do not meet the GAP completion requirement will need to retake the GAP courses or meet the language proficiency test scores for direct admission, as required by the College of Graduate Studies.


GAP Faculty

Students in the GAP will study with an English as a Second Language (ESL) specialist at the ALI who has obtained a minimum qualification of master’s degrees in TESOL and at least 3 years’ of teaching experience in the ESL field. Each student in the GAP will also be assigned to an academic advisor at the ALI who will support and monitor student's progress in the program. The advisor will also serve as a liaison between the student and stakeholder department.


For guidance, please read How to Apply to ALI.

If you need any assistance with the GAP application, please contact


  • Departments:  See our Frequently Asked Questions page.
  • ESL GAP Program, please contact the Curriculum Coordinator of the American Language Institute, Dr. Ting Li, at
  • Admission to the Graduate Access Program, please contact the Assistant Director of Graduate Studies Operations, Ms. Henriette Njabon, at
  • Graduate Students:  Please contact your chosen graduate program director with questions regarding the Major Core Courses.
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