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BAHEC Student Comments

“The entire surgical team from pre-op to PACU care/ambulatory and holding area are utterly fantastic.  They have all been so helpful and understanding of student abilities and willing to teach anything and everything. They really made this rotation a great one.  Also, Dr. Rao is a one-of-a-kind surgeon.  His understanding and kindness are refreshing to see during a surgical rotation.”  – Bryan


“Dr. Keil was a phenomenal mentor.  She gave me the opportunity to learn more about pathologies of different biopsies.  She was very well experienced and provided stats and charts as to how to make distinctions between similar diseases.  Thank you for allowing me to learn so much material in the 4 weeks allowed for this rotation.” – Bryan


“I really enjoyed my Family Medicine clerkship in Hicksville.  The Community Memorial Hospital staff was extremely welcoming and helpful.  Dr. Reddy was very interested in teaching and provided me with a greater knowledge and appreciation of the field of Family Medicine.  It was a great experience overall!” – Hicksville


Working in Defiance for surgery was a hidden gem.  I was able to get way more clinical exposure in my 3 weeks here despite working less.  I had the opportunity to suture, staple, work with the laparoscope and be first assist.” – Defiance


“It’s all about the preceptor.  Dr. Krueger has been truly invaluable these last three weeks.  He’s pushed me to learn all that I can about ECG’s, presentation skills, and people interaction.  More than that, he sets a tremendously high standard of professionalism.  I’ve never seen him become agitated or angry.  I highly recommend him."  – Napoleon


“I really enjoyed my OB rotation here in Bryan.  It was very hands-on and I really got the feel of what it’s like to practice medicine in a smaller town.  Dr. Ransom was great and I learned a ton from her.” – Bryan


“I had a wonderful 2 weeks on rotation with Dr. Pole in Radiology.  He was a great teacher and I learned a lot about the scope of practice of a radiologist.  I definitely think that what I learned on this rotation will help me as I go on to residency in a few months.” – Wauseon


“This has been my best clerkship experience to date.  The amount of knowledge I’ve accumulated through hands-on learning experiences is such that can only be gathered through one-on-one teaching.  Dr. Erwin has been an excellent teacher and it has been a pleasure working with him.” – Defiance


“Loved this!  The Community Health Education Clerkship has been a great opportunity to teach and leave an impression on the next generation.” – Bryan


“I had a great experience in my hospitalist rotation.  I thought Dr. Bumb and Dr. Schultz did a great job of teaching and I learned a lot during my 2 weeks here!  They made it a point to teach and try to make teaching points relevant to pediatrics (what I am going into).  Thanks to everyone at Bryan for an amazing AHEC experience!” – Bryan


“I loved working with Dr. Fofung!  Always willing to answer questions and makes a point to teach not just about medical topics, but about being a good doctor as well.  He is extremely friendly and it is obvious that he truly cares about his patients!  Would highly recommend this rotation.” – Wauseon


“The faculty for Family Medicine in Bryan were EXCELLENT!  They always enjoyed teaching and were very flexible and were very attentive.  This was the first rotation where I felt that time was taken out to really cater to my education.” – Bryan


“This rotation was a great learning experience.  I feel much more comfortable in dealing with urological conditions in women, men, adults, and children.  Dr. Lash and his office staff are extremely warm and welcoming; they created a very positive and fun environment to work in.  Dr. Lash is invested in the learning experience of his students by taking the time to teach urology and other medical related topics and allowing students to be involved with the patient’s care.  He made it comfortable for both the patients and student to talk about sensitive topics such as infertility and incontinence.  It was also a well-rounded rotation in that there were a number of surgical procedures throughout the week.  I would highly recommend this rotation to any medical student, especially those who are interested in primary and outpatient care.  Thank you for an awesome rotation.” – Wauseon


Dr. Mills was an awesome preceptor to work with!  She is an amazing role model for medical students to see what it is like to have a genuine and close relationship with patients.  She is extremely friendly and will answer any questions.  A really great experience overall – this rotation really made me consider family medicine as a career!” – Defiance


“This is a fantastic clerkship location for Family Medicine.  I highly recommend this to every student.  The preceptor takes time between every patient to answer my questions and is always in a positive mood, which is so important to a developing student.  The staff are always ready to have fun and are very respectful of me as a student and future doc.  I’m willing to say that this may be the best experience I’ll have all year.” - Wauseon



Last Updated: 7/10/18