Area Health Education Centers (AHEC)

BAHEC Student Comments

Radiology - Dr. Cox and Dr. Pole were both excellent teachers with a clear understanding of and passion for the field of radiology.  I appreciated the opportunity to see a wide variety of image types (including emergencies), and to shadow during multiple ultrasound or x-ray guided procedures.  I have applied to pathology programs and I feel that this rotation will enhance my diagnostic skills there.

Dermatology - Dr. Williams was excellent.  She took time to teach and created a great learning environment.  The entire Derm staff made me feel part of the team and welcome.  The patients were kind and usually willing to let me do anything that Dr. Williams felt appropriate

Pediatric CHEC - This elective was excellent for anyone planning to interact with children, it strengthened my communication skills at all ages and strengthened my ability to teach medical topics with common vocab.

Urology - Dr. Lash was one of the most enjoyable preceptors I’ve ever had the privilege of working with.  He is such an enthusiastic teacher and just an overall pleasant person.  I felt that I received adequate time to see patients independently and formulate my own assessments and plans, and Dr. Lash was very good at providing formative feedback regarding those assessments and plans.  He also just has a great personality and sense of humor and is good at making people feel comfortable around him.

Internal Medicine - Dr. Krueger was a fantastic physician to start off my clerkship with.  He was the perfect balance of setting high expectations but also willing to teach.  I would highly recommend this rotation to another student.

Family Medicine - Really enjoyed working with Dr. McMaster. Because she does so much (inpatient, outpatient, newborn nursery, urgent care). I got to see and experience a lot.

Family Medicine - Family medicine in Defiance provided a very wide range of experiences due to the variety of patients that are treated there.  The physician’s involvement with women’s health and inpatients admitted to the hospital allowed me to have ample exposure to geriatric, pediatric, OB/GYN medicines in addition to the standard patients seen in Family Medicine.

Family Medicine - Defiance was an absolutely fantastic site for my family medicine AHEC. I had been in Defiance also for my surgery rotation, the Defiance and surrounding community really is just such a welcoming one. The team at Mercy Clinic was very accommodating and helped cultivate a comfortable learning environment for me. I also really enjoyed my time with Dr. Kamcza. She did a wonderful job keeping me involved in patient management and care as well as allowing me to ask questions and suggest treatment plans or diagnoses. She and her nurse Connie were a wonderful team of women to work with and I learned a lot under their proctorship. I’d recommend this site and this lovely Defiance team to other medical students on their family medicine rotation looking for a great opportunity to learn about family practice and rural medicine!

Orthopaedic Surgery - Dr. McKernan and the staff at Fulton County Hospital made this rotation and invaluable experience. Their eagerness to teach and patience with my learning was not underappreciated. I would recommend this group of practitioners to any student whether interested in surgery or not.

Cardiology - I loved my rotation in Bryan.  In general, every single staff member I met was helpful, welcoming, and kind.  I felt that everyone put patient needs first and did their best to provide excellent and thorough care to our patients.  I adored working with Dr. Tinkel and Dr. Minhas in the cardiology service.  They were great teachers and pushed me to be better with assessments, plans, cardio knowledge and physical exam.  They made it clear that teaching me was a priority.

Gastroenterology - Dr. Cooley was exceptional at teaching and I felt I learned so much in such a relatively short period of time.  I really enjoyed this rotation!  The teams in the operating room were just as great as my first time here and I would like to say thank you to all of them as well!


Last Updated: 10/25/22