Area Health Education Centers (AHEC)

LAHEC Student Comments

"Great rotation, Dr. Hotmire is a great teacher and it was a pleasure working in his office!!" - Family Medicine, Bluffton

 "Dr. Bruno is a great physician and teacher!  He takes care of patients of all ages and with a wide variety of mental illnesses." Psychiatry, Lima

"Working with Dr. Wehri one on one was a great experience and allowed me to experience firsthand what it is like to work in a community setting."  - Family Medicine, Delphos

"Dr. Parranto was great about teaching and tried to teach with every patient I saw." - Family Medicine, Lima

"Dr. Wheeler-This was my last required “core” rotation and it was the BEST of all!  By “best” I mean it was an excellent learning environment, provided an opportunity to see patients in outpatient, inpatient at SRMC and OIO.  This experience provided me with the most realistic experience I have ever had!  Interacting and working with the staff at SRMC was very refreshing and demonstrated quality of care and great teamwork from all members of the healthcare team.  - Internal Medicine, Lima

"Dr. Jarvis was very generous with his time and the access he provided to his patients.  He provided me with significant autonomy in interviewing and examining both inpatient and clinic patients.  He was also very receptive to all questions and was effective in communicating his thought process during inpatient rounding.  I would recommend this rotation to anyone seeking substantial patient contact during their internal medicine ambulatory rotation." -  Internal Medicine, Van Wert

"Dr. Lopez was an amazing preceptor and educator.  She definitely made me feel like I was a vital part of her practice.  Her support staff created a very friendly environment.  Dr. Lopez gave me the freedom to see her patients and ultimately trusted me in seeing her patient population.  I really appreciate how open she was to answer questions and discuss  important topics.  I would definitely recommend this rotation." - Pediatrics, Delphos

"Dr. Leahy and his nurse practitioner are wonderful teachers. They have been quick to answer my questions and help me understand their reasoning in diagnosis and treatment. It has been wonderful to watch Dr. Leahy interact with his patient and encourage proper health care. He is very good at listening to patients and getting to the bottom of the issue quickly; this is something I still struggle with and have appreciated observing. It has also been interesting to see how he fosters a family atmosphere with his staff and how he works with his employees and not just dictates to them." - Family Medicine, Lima


"I really enjoyed spending the five weeks at Dr. Horman's office. He was a great preceptor to work with, very friendly, very knowledgeable, and made my experience quite enjoyable. I was pleasantly surprised by how much I enjoyed my family medicine rotation, and I think Dr. Horman played a big role in this." -  Family Medicine, Wapakoneta

"I found the experience in Findlay outstanding as I was able to spend considerable time with the attending physicians in both hospital and outpatient settings.  I gained a better understanding for the breadth of the pediatric specialty, including the role of the pediatric hospitalist and the collaborative relationship they share with obstetricians in the hospital setting."    Pediatrics, Findlay

"Drs. Chung, Barbu, and Medina were all very willing to teach and never once was I made to feel inadequate by asking a “dumb” question (this is not always a given).  I was given appropriate responsibility in terms of patient care and have been very pleased with the 5 weeks I have spent in service in Lima." -  Obstetrics & Gynecology, Lima

"Excellent experience. I initially thought I would get Internal Medicine out of the way because my future goals were to practice Pathology. However, Dr. Jarvis single-handedly showed me how rewarding patient care can be. My life is more difficult because of this. Now I can't decide between Internal Medicine or Pathology." - Internal Medicine, Van Wert

"Dr. Alammar was an excellent teacher, physician and mentor. I would hope that anyone going into surgery would have the opportunity to work with him." - Surgery, Findlay

"One of the best third year experience I have had. Dr. Oaks is high energy and gets student involvement. I want to recommend this for any student, regardless of specialty interest." - Surgery, Lima

"Great rotation! Better experience than most residents. Dr. Conte is an excellent instructor and the nursing staff is amazing."  Surgery, Van Wert

"A very valuable clerkship with good balance between work hours, independent study and faculty teaching." - Pediatrics, Delphos

 "The education received during my time in Findlay was second to none. Every patient was used as a teaching point i.e. physical exam, therapeutics, differentials, etc. I was given a great deal of independence and time to establish my own differential diagnoses and therapeutic plan and ample time was provided to the discussion concerning the diagnosis and plan. Many of the attending physicians provided additional time to discuss journal articles, or go over paper-cases they developed to highlight specific important points." - Surgery, Findlay

"Dr. Cairns was great. He started off the rotation by asking me what I hoped to get out of the experience and then spent the next two weeks covering my goals. This AHEC ended  up being one of my favorite (as well as one of the most useful) rotations of my entire 4th year. Dr. Cairns is a nice person as well as an excellent teacher - he really seems to enjoy working with students." - Dermatology, Findlay

"This was a great GI experience due to the size of their practice and extensive pathology seen. I would recommend this rotation to all 4th year students considering a career in GI." - Gastroenterology, Lima

"Overall strong rotation. Dr. Church and his group are all very approachable and willing to teach." - Radiology, Lima

"Outstanding! Dr. Taylor and colleagues showed a dedication to student education and tailored my clerkship experience to my own personal needs, objective and goals." - Urology, Lima

"One of the best clinical experiences I have had thus far in medical school.  I've never had preceptors invest as much interest in my education as Dr. Alammar and Dr. Yoder.  I will definitely recommend this rotation to other students and hope this remains an opportunity for others for a long time."  - Surgery, Findlay

"Dr. Conte was a very enthusiastic and entertaining teacher, and everyone I met in Van Wert - from his office staff to hospital employees to patients - was extremely nice.  I had a great time in Van Wert and I learned a lot that will benefit me for years to come in medicine." - Surgery, Van Wert



Last Updated: 6/27/22