Area Health Education Centers (AHEC)

SAHEC Student Comments

Family Medicine - I had a great experience on my SAHEC at Fremont. The staff was very friendly and helpful. Dr. Arevalo was excited to teach and open to answering any questions I had. She gave me the appropriate amount of independence and challenged me to improve my clinical skills. I would recommend this rotation to others!

Family Medicine - This was an excellent clerkship that provided me an opportunity to engage with a population of patients living in a rural area. My patient interactions were rewarding, especially given that I was able to follow the same patients through several visits. Dr. Arevalo was fully committed to her patients and to fostering an enriching and interactive learning experience for me. I would enthusiastically recommend this SAHEC to future students.

Family Medicine - Overall great experience with Dr. Wonderly. Office is well-run and staff are inviting and inclusive. Variety of learning opportunities with different patient populations and appointments ranging from pediatric checkups to female wellness visits to acute issues. I was able to see patients in assisted living facilities, which broaden my experience and understanding of family medicine in practice.

Internal Medicine - I really enjoyed this rotation as it truly did show what practicing medicine in a rural town would be like. I was exposed to both outpatient and inpatient experiences, mostly outpatient, as Dr. Back is also a Hospitalist. I learned so much about outpatient management, colonoscopies, pulmonary care of an admitted COVID-19 patient, and business of medicine. It was a very wholistic experience. The clinic is also very much like a family, which only bolstered the experience.

Internal Medicine - Overall, my clerkship experience was excellent. I was welcomed as a part of the team and felt like I was able to contribute in a meaningful way. I felt as if I was able to participate in the care of patients and my thoughts about how to manage the different patients was valued. I appreciate all of the time that Dr. Hiestand as well as his team took to make sure I felt welcomed and had a memorable experience.

OB/GYN - I learned a lot while with Dr. Karasik for OBGYN at the Bellevue hospital and Eagle Crest clinic. I was provided housing at the Decatur House in Sandusky (about 25 min away). I spent most of my time in clinic, but went to the hospital to see surgeries on Monday mornings. I had ample time for self-study. The best part was being able to provide longitudinal care to the patients. I was able to see one patient several times in clinic before helping to deliver her baby in the hospital during my last week!

Pediatrics - I had the most wonderful time learning from Dr. Kakarala and this clerkship exceeded my expectations. From day 1, Dr. Kakarala and his office staff welcomed me warmly and made me feel a part of the time. They engaged me in all aspects of patient care, and I truly felt like I was able to make a difference in the community. I could tell have appreciative each patient was for their care and how loved Dr. Kakarala was by the community. I wish all preceptors could be like him and I wish I had the opportunity to work with him longer.

Pediatrics - My time with SAHEC at Wood County Hospital with Dr. Lemon was everything I could have asked for. Seeing him approach patients and incorporate all aspects of his team stressed the importance team based care has on the health of his patients. Further, witnessing the various roles Dr. Lemon had within the hospital from going to the ER to see patients or in the nursery all in a single day highlighted the encompassing role physicians play in rural community settings.


Pediatrics - The Wood County Hospital AHEC was a phenomenal experience! I was able to see 8-16 patients each day, getting an amazing exposure to a variety of clinical presentations and management/treatment plans. I was paired with one preceptor for an extended period of time which allowed for a strong mentor/mentee relationship to form. However, best of all I was able to discuss on a daily basis the social determinants of health affecting the patients. It was amazing to be in an environment in which care of the whole patient was so important. I would highly recommend that anyone who gets the opportunity participate in this AHEC.

Surgery - I had a great experience with Dr. Bielefeld! He had me scrub into every case, as well as suturing when there was opportunity. He made sure I understood each condition and treatment. With him as my preceptor, I was able to learn and practice IV insertions, Foley insertions, and even intubation. Dr. Bielefeld made sure to tailor the rotation to my interests in internal medicine.

Psychiatry - The opportunity to rotate at Northcoast Behavioral Health was an incredible opportunity and one that students may otherwise never get to have. The mix of civil and forensic patients allowed for a variety of diagnoses and students were able to learn more about how legal and medical systems interact.

Psychiatry - Dr. Travis and his team are dedicated to helping patients in need of psychiatric care in Sandusky County. Working along with Dr. Travis in Freemont and Fostoria has provided me with insight into the difficulties of treating and supporting patients with psychiatric conditions in a rural setting. Each patient is faced with a multitude of challenges, at times, including a lack of support and understanding of their conditions within their families or the wider community. Nevertheless, Dr. Travis works within a team including his office manager, case managers, Nurse practitioners, therapists, and counselors to try to provide patients with services and support they need along with medical therapy to help them manage their psychiatric conditions. It is important and challenging work, and it was a privilege to be able to participate in it as a learning experience.

Emergency Medicine - This was a wonderful rotation. I worked with many wonderful physicians at Wood County Hospital who loved teaching and allowing me to get involved with patient care. I would especially recommend this rotation for anyone hoping to apply into EM, because it was really helpful to learn more about working in a hospital without a trauma center and knowing what to do when certain traumas come in, e.g., figure out what was wrong, how to stabilize the patient, communicate with other hospitals, communicate suggested treatment plans, transfer them to facilities with the capabilities to initiate this plan, etc. It is a great experience for any student interested in emergency medicine to learn how physicians best serve their communities in more rural facilities. Everyone was very kind and very professional and I learned a lot.

Hematology/Oncology - Dr. Reese was a pleasure to work with and learn from. She provided many great teaching points through her structured lessons as well with questions about individual patients throughout the day. You could tell she genuinely cared for her patients and it showed with her quality management.

Ophthalmology - Dr. Clark is a fantastic, passionate, funny physician. Any student is lucky to train from her. She goes above and beyond to teach during each patient she has and makes it a point to get to know you outside of medicine. She is truly a wonderful mentor.

Urology - Dr. Cook had a great wealth of knowledge and was always willing to teach. I also appreciated his willingness to involve me in procedures. Everyone at Executive Urology was very welcoming and helpful and I would highly recommend that other students interested in taking a Urology elective rotate with them.

Last Updated: 10/25/22