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SAHEC Student Comments

Dr. Heymeyer - Dr. Hemeyer's office was a great place to learn. It is considered alternative medicine, but it allows medical students to get a glimpse of both family medicine and alternative medicine, enabling future physicians to keep an open mind about treatment and how to respond to patients. Dr. Hemeyer is very caring and is actively involved in the learning process. The staff is great; I had a great time at this clerkship site.

Dr. Kaple - I really enjoyed working at Fisher-Titus and with Dr. Kaple & staff. I gained an appreciation of the field of family medicine, especially in a small town like Norwalk.

Dr. McLean - My SAHEC experience was overwhelmingly positive. My preceptor and his staff were very kind and welcoming. I learned a great deal regarding family medicine. The SAHEC staff was helpful and made the transition remarkably easy. This was a great experience!!!

Drs. Wysor & Keller - Dr. Wysor & Dr. Keller were extremely welcoming and interested in providing me a grat experience. I really enjoyed seeing patients independently of all ages from 6 year old patient with viral conjunctivitis to a 93 year old for a follow-up visit. I really enjoyed this rotation and would strongly recommend it to future students!

Mercy Family - I really enjoyed working with Dr. Zimmerman and the residents at the Mercy FM practice. Dr. Zimmerman really took the time to talk with students and helped us comprehend what we were being exposed to during our time at the clinic. I enjoyed the Friday afternoon conferences where all the medical students came together to talk about an interesting case they saw during the week; it was a wonderful opportunity to teach each other about a certain topic in an out-of-clinic environment.

Dr. Hiestand - I really enjoyed working with Dr. Hiestand. His compassion for his patients was contagious and made me excited to go to his office each day. He was an excellent teacher. His staff were extremely courteous and pleasant to work with, and he gave me every opportunity to be involved in patient care and clinical decision making. The AHEC at his office is definitely an asset for the medical school.

Dr. Back - The Willard SAHEC was one of the most enriching academic experiences I've ever been a part of. The attending     (Dr. Bill Back) and his staff were all willing to go the extra mile to make sure that I had a learning opportunity at every moment. Something that I truly appreciated. Also, they were all so welcoming and kind which I really appreciated as well. I am going to recommend this site to my fellow colleagues for sure.

Dr. Danner, Dr. Bauer and Dr. Benedict - Overall, I thought that this rotation was thoroughly useful in broadening my7 horizons as a medical student. It was interesting to see how things change in a rural setting. My preceptors were all very helpful and interested in teaching about topics in neurology and were paramount to the success that I had on the shelf exam.

Dr. Kasten - Working with Dr. Kasten in Norwalk, Ohio was one of the highlights of my third-year clerkships. It was a unique experience to see how he ran a large private practice with skill and efficiency. He was devoted to teaching and ensured that I had experience doing pelvic exams and assisting during surgery. I probably saw more vaginal deliveries than any of my colleagues during this rotation.

Dr. Weckesser & Dr. Lemon - Before moving to Toledo for medical school, I failed to realize that the surrounding metropolitan Toledo area is mainly compromised of rural towns. I think it is great that UTCOM realizes the importance of integrating rural patient care into our curriculum. Bowling Green was an excellent location for a pediatric clerkship. It had a mix of children from surrounding rural areas, as well as local college students from the university. I never felt rushed or underappreciated as I have with other rotations. The office staff was amazing and helpful. The preceptors are truly role models for anyone seeking a career in Pediatrics. When I originally started my elective, I was strongly considering Pediatrics as a career, but this rotation helped confirm my choice.

Dr. Kakarala - Best preceptor ever. Dr. Kakaral is a kind-hearted soul who has helped millions of souls in Tiffin, Ohio and also back in India. I have so much respect for him and would be lucky to become 1/3rd of who his is. He's not only an awesome person, but as a physician he is sharp and he is always willing to teach. He was really understanding about being a student and I never had difficulty with my schedule. I did not anticipate having to break down my own barriers in an outpatient setting, but this rotation helped pushed me go out of my comfort zone and grow.

Dr. Schermerhorn - Dr. Schermerhorn is a fantastic physician to work with. She is a great teacher who has much passion for her specialty. I thought the fact that she also rounds on her own patients in the hospital added to the experience and helped me learn from her patients even more.

Northcoast Behavioral Health - Dr. Kottapalli was a fantastic preceptor at NBH! Every day, she made sure to sit and talk with me, teach me whatever she was capable of teaching and I never felt neglected as a student. Any time I wanted help understanding a topic, she clarified those points and also gave me advice on things to make sure to study for my shelf exam. I appreciated that she understood student life and even told me in downtime to go study. Whet it was time to see patients, I took the initiative and gained so much from jumping in, and from not being afraid of constructive feedback. Dr. Kottapalli was compassionate to each and every patient, and many times she shed light on things that I did not quite see before this clerkship. I actually left considering Psychiatry because I not only enjoyed the rotation, but actually felt my confidence soaring from all the clinical experience I got at NBH. I was comfortable with manic, psychotic, and delusional patients by the 4th week there. In addition, the entire staff at NBH is kind. Regina, as a student coordinator was always willing to work with the students and provide extra help if ever needed. This was hands-down one of my favorite rotations this year, and I'd do it again in a heartbeat, as well as recommend any 3rd year (or even 4th year if time permits) to spend time at NBH, as it was humbling and fantastic experience for me, with God's Grace.

Zepf Center - Fantastic service. I cannot say enough good things about Dr. Lewis. I like to get the most out of my rotations and I was very concerned that I was not going to be able to do much in an outpatient setting, but she was able to make the experience immersive even as I was still stumbling to learn the skills. I was also concerned all I was going to see was depression, depression, depression and the cases were actually extremely diverse and I was amazed pretty much every day. I was unsure about psychiatry when I came into the rotation, but during the course am very seriously considering it as a specialty and this experience was very inspiring.

Northwest Ohio Psychiatric Hospital - It was great to see firsthand the illnesses that are faced by the patients at NOPH. It will help me recognize these illnesses and be comfortable dealing with patients going through these experience in my future practice.

Dr. Bielefeld - Fantastic clerkship. Great hands on experience. Wonderful people to work with who were very welcoming and accommodating. Additionally, was given the opportunity to see how limited healthcare facilities were for the patients.

Dr. Vargas - My SAHEC rotation was an opportunity to work independently and I was treated almost like a first year general surgery resident. I was able to round on patients and respond to consults on my own. I greatly enjoyed the experience and I would recommend this rotation to anyone who is self-motivated and ready to function at a higher level, without the guidance of residents. The staff at Firelands Regional Medical Center, especially the nurses and scrub techs, were encouraging and informative when I had questions or concerns. My preceptor gave me opportunities to prove myself and expected me to function independently, allowing me to grow as a student doctor.

Dr. DeRiso - Best rotation I have had in medical school. The physician and his assistant were phenomenal in teaching and were very helpful throughout the rotation. I learned the most during this rotation by far over any other. I would like to rotate here again at some point.

ER-DOCs, Inc. - I had a great experience at Firelands. The faculty seemed genuinely excited to have me ont heir team. I learned more here in EM than I have in other academic EM rotations. The experience opened by eyes to what a "real ER" is like. This is definitely a sort of environment I will consider working at in my future.

Dr. Cook - This was an outstanding rotation. The entire Executive Urology staff was very welcoming and easy to work with. All 4 preceptors took time to teach despite having very busy schedules. I feel this rotation could easily handle more than one student as Dr. Cook, Dr. Smith, Dr. Waters and Dr. Rice are all committed to teaching I will definitely recommend this rotation to other students and enjoyed by time in Sandusky, Norwalk, and Bellevue.

Wood Co. Pediatrics - This rotation was a great exposure to pediatric outpatient care with an added bonus of seeing newborns and seeing the interaction with the OBs. Dr. WEckesser is an amazing precepto who provides room for the students to learn while encouraging conversation about different topics. Dr. Moore is very sweet and allowed me to have more conversations with the patients while she was in the room and giving me a chance to work on explaining topics to patients such as how mono works or breast feeding. This was a great rotation.

Dr. Bombard - Working with Dr. Bombard in Fremont was an invaluable experience. Not only was I able to learn from him by way of knowledge but in practice as well. The Fremont AHEC as a perfect balance for me personally because I was able to stay in Toledo and commute out to the site. Dr. Bombard allowed me to inverview several patients on my own and gave me constructive feedback to benefit by learning experience.

Dr. McGuinn - I thoroughly enjoyed the direct interaction with my attending. There wasa  clear emphasis on teaching and learning and I felt much more comfortable asking questions about things that never made sense to me before.

Dr. Reese - Hem/Onc rotation showed a good window into the speciality as we Radiation from the attending's partners. Learning more about Radiation and Oncology shows a much more rtealistic and hopeful view on individuals with cancer. Cancer is susally seen as a death sentence in the media. However, people still have good quality of life living with cancer and it can be treated in some cases. Dr. Reese really cares for her patients and for the field of Hem/Onc. Friendly towards medical students.

Drs. Elashi & Qadir - Dr. Elashi is a very good educator. He takes time to explain complex issues in patient care. He also challenges his students to approach each case with common sense, and encourages the development of problem solving skills and smart judgments. My experience working with him and his partner Dr. Qadir was a very good one.

Dr. Young - This was an exceptional rotation. Dr. Yound was incredibly interested in teaching and did an amazing job informaing me about various disorders of the eye as well as treatment options for these disorders. He was very approachable and friendly. I was satisfied with the number of surgeries I observed. Clinic featured a good amount of patients to practice fundoscopic exam and slit light examination on. Dr. Young did an excellent job helping me visualize findings on the exams and asked me to apply what I learned. Housing and meals were great. Clinic staff was very nice.

Dr. Laffay - This was a great experience and I really enjoyed having so much one on one with my attending, Dr. Laffay. He really pushed me to work hard and I ended up getting a lot out of this rotation.





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