Judith Herb College of Education

Lynne Hamer, Ph.D.

Lynne Hamer

PROFESSOR, Program Coordinator

Academic program:
Social and Philosophical Foundations of Education, Educational Studies

Office: Gillham Hall 5000-E
Office Phone: 419-530-7749
Email: lynne.hamer@utoledo.edu
Mailing address: Mail Stop 921
2801 West Bancroft St.
Toledo, OH 43606-3390


  • Ph.D., Folklore Institute, Indiana University, 1995
    Major: Folklore 
    Minor: American Studies
    Dissertation: Building American History:
    Mediating Performances in Classroom and Community
  • M.A. with Distinction, Folklore Institute, IndianaUniversity, 1990

  • B.A. Magna Cum Laude, Hamline University, 1985
    Major: English
    Minor: Education
    Honors Thesis: In Sight of Crow Butte
    Stories from Northwestern Nebraska
  • Teaching Certification, Grades 7-12, English & Language Arts, Minnesota, 1986


  • Multicultural Leadership Recognition Award, Office of Excellence & Multicultural Student Success, UToledo, 2014
  • Edith Rathbun Award for Community Engagement, UToledo, 2013
  • Alice H. Skeens Outstanding University Woman Award, UToledo, 2012
  •  Excellence in Service Award, JHCOEHSHS, UToledo, 2011
  • University Outstanding Teaching Award, UToledo, 1999


Dr. Lynne Hamer is Professor of Social and Philosophical Foundations of Education in the Judith Herb College of Education at The University of Toledo.  As a folklorist, she specializes in humanities-based approaches to democratic culture, social justice and schooling.  She co-edited Through the Schoolhouse Door: Folklore, Community, Curriculum and has authored numerous peer-reviewed research articles on folklore and education, using community resources for culturally relevant teaching, participatory action research as a pedagogical approach, reversing the school-to-prison pipeline, pre-service teachers’ attitudes toward diverse students, and other topics.

Hamer has created undergraduate and graduate courses over the past decades that are based in community engagement and service learning.  From 2007-2016, her widely-recognized participatory action research course involved over 200 graduate students from the fields of education, counseling, and public health working with over 100 community experts to document assets in central city Toledo neighborhoods.  She is documenting the process and products of this decade in a book with the working title, From Kuhschwantz to Kwanzaa Park: Community Engagement as Pedagogy in Higher Education.

Hamer’s current University of Toledo passion is leading creation of Teach Toledo, a collaboration of UT with Toledo Public Schools to recruit underrepresented populations into the teaching profession and to provide an undergraduate teacher education curriculum that focuses on excellence in urban education and knowledge of non-Eurocentric culture.  See www.utoledo.edu/education/teachtoledo 

Hamer received the University of Toledo Outstanding Teacher Award early in her career at UT, in 1999. Since 2011, she has received numerous community and university recognitions for service and engagement, including the University of Toledo Edith Rathbun Outreach and Engagement Excellence Award in 2013.  Lynne was recognized with the University Women’s Commission Outstanding University Woman Award in 2012.

As a UToledo Provost’s Fellow for the 2019-2020 AY, Hamer’s project is Culturally Relevant Practices in UT Classrooms and Programs.  Hamer is working with Dr. Willie McKether and other UT Provost’s Diversity Fellows to investigate how specific practices in classrooms and programs have helped UT students succeed in higher education.  Hamer will share the lessons of these success stories with the UT faculty and administration toward promoting continued efforts.


Urban education, community engagement, democratic education, folklore and indigenous teaching, culturally relevant pedagogy and reality pedagogy, school-to-prison pipeline.


Current projects include: From Kuhschwantz to Kwanzaa Park: Community Engagement in Higher Education (tentative title), a monograph chronicling ten years of participatory action research and theorizing university/community engagement; Teach Toledo, further development of the program and writing about it; and Public Institutions and Democracy, a collaboration with colleagues in the JHCOE and in the College of Arts and Letters and community partners to create a thematically linked pathway through required humanities core courses and education courses by which students will investigate, through experiential learning in a series of courses, how democracy is practiced (or not) in public institutions.


Current community engagement efforts based at UToledo include Teach Toledo and Public Institutions and Democracy.


Popular scholarship
Hamer, L. (2019, July 10). Students from all walks of life pursue teaching licensure;
Teach Toledo cohort II to begin in August. The Sojourner’s Truth.Download http://www.thetruthtoledo.com/story/2019/071019/teach.htm 

 Hamer, L. (2013). Afterword: Piecing as democratic pedagogy. In L. Osbourne, Quilt University: Transforming oral learning into academic knowledge (pp. 181-203). Toledo, OH: QU Press.

Peer-reviewed scholarship
Hamer, L., & Johnson, G. (2019). Clues to reversing the school-to-prison pipeline: Portrait of a scholar. Urban Review; accepted for publication.

 Hamer, L., Chen, W., Plasman, K., Sheth, S., & Yamazaki, K. (2013). Kwanzaa Park: Discerning principles of Kwanzaa as a basis for culturally relevant teaching through participatory action research. Journal of Ethnographic and Qualitative Research, 7(4), 188-203.

 Hamer, L., Jenkins, M., & Moore, B. (2013). Toward a cultural framework for dialogue about justice. Journal of Black Studies, 44(4), 356-376.

 Kumar, R., &   Hamer, L. (2013). Preservice teachers’ attitudes and beliefs toward student diversity and proposed instructional practices: A sequential design study. Journal of Teacher Education, 64(2), 162-177.

 Hamer, L., & Bowman, P. (2011). Introduction: Through the schoolhouse door. In P. Bowman, & L. Hamer (Eds.), Through the Schoolhouse Door: Folklore,Community, Curriculum (pp. 1-18).  Logan, UT: Utah State University Press.

 Hamer, L. (2011). Turning the university inside out: Bringing university and community together through the Padua Alliance for Education and Empowerment. In P. Bowman, & L. Hamer (Eds.), Through the Schoolhouse Door: Folklore,Community, Curriculum (pp. 192-216).  Logan, UT: Utah State University Press.


  • EDU 1700        Introduction to Education
  • TSOC 2000      Diversity in Contemporary Society (not currently assigned to teach)
  • TSOC 3000      Schooling and Democratic Society
  • TSOC 5/7110 Modern Educational Controversies (not currently assigned to teach)
  • TSOC 5/7200 Sociology of Education (not currently assigned to teach)
  • TSOC 5/7210 Multicultural, Non-Sexist Education (not currently assigned to teach)
  • TSOC 5/7230 Critical Responses to Deculturalization (formerly Intergroup & Intercultural Education)
  • TSOC 5/7500 Anthropology of Education
  • TSOC 6/8190 Seminar in Social and Philosophical Foundations of Education
  • TSOC 6/8190 Internship in Teaching Social Foundations of Education
  • TSOC 6/8240 Sociological Analyses of Urban Education
  • TSOC 6/8320 Education and the Democratic Ethic
  • RESM 5/7330 Qualitative Research I: Introduction and Methods (not currently assigned to teach)
  • RESM 6/8340 Qualitative Research II: Design and Analysis (not currently assigned to teach)
  • TSOC 6/8960 Thesis / Dissertation in Social Foundations of Education
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