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Mark Templin

Mark Templin

Department Chair

Science Education
Department of Teacher Education

Gillham Hall Room 2000A
Mail Stop 924
Phone:  419.530.8458
Fax:      419.530.2466

Mark Templin is a Professor of Science Education. He teaches science education methods courses and other graduate offerings, such as the Foundations of Instruction at the doctoral level. Dr. Templin’s research uses key ideas from philosophy of science and political philosophy to better understand the processes of science teaching and learning. He has published in research journals such as: The Journal of Science Teacher Education, School Science and Mathematics Journal, and The American Educational Research Journal and he has presented at numerous international conferences such as: The Association for Science Teacher Education, American Educational Research Association, and the National Association for Research in Science Teaching. Dr. Templin continues to explore the philosophical bases of science teaching and learning with an eye towards helping beginning teachers practice science teaching more ambitiously.

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