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WHEN: January 14, 2020
WHERE: 1027 Nitschke Hall, SSOE Seminar Room

Brady Engineering Innovation Center
HOSTED BY: College of Engineering

The University of Toledo is proud to host a workshop to explore opportunities in repurposing light water nuclear reactors (LWR) for hydrogen production through a hybrid systems design. In the mid-west region, the Davis-Besse Power Plant can serve as the anchor for pilot plant demonstrations, supported by Department of Energy (DOE)-sponsored, Industry cost-shared, Academic-supported research. The demonstration unit can inform assessment on developing new markets from LWR operations based on co-production of non-electrical-based products, such as H2 or other valuable chemicals, by directly using the steam or electricity produced by the nuclear reactor.  Integration of LWR-H2 hybrids into green manufacturing and electric power generation from multiple renewable and fossil sources can accelerate commercial growth with reduction in carbon-based emissions. Join us to learn more about this ongoing project and to identify collaboration and partnership opportunities between government, industry and academic stakeholders.

Why attend?

  • Learn more about the LWRS Program and future growth in commercial opportunities
  • Meet technology leaders from Department of Energy National Laboratories.
  • Establish networks with industry, academic and DOE representatives
  • Explore emerging markets and processes for conversion of  CO2 and H2 to value-added products
  • Explore smart grid opportunities
  • Learn about the Clean Energy Industry Hub Concept

Who should Attend?

  • Representatives from the energy sector, including electricity generators and nuclear plant owners
  • Representatives from government and industry interested in the hydrogen-powered transportation sector, green manufacturing, and H2-dependent co-products
  • Industrial gas suppliers and industrial hydrogen users, such as ammonia producers, chemical companies, and refineries
  • Industry, academic, and government researchers with R&D interests in the hybrid energy hub model for LWRs

Agenda is under development. Topics include H2 co-products markets and associated technology development, sustainability assessment, and dynamic analysis of grid loads, integration, and stability.


For more information, contact

Prof. Connie Schall
Associate VP for Research
(419) 530-8097

Prof. Patricia Relue
Associate Dean for Research and Graduate Studies
College of Engineering
(419) 530-8098

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