New or Transfer Undergraduate Student

94% of new undergraduates receive scholarships.

Scholarships are a great way to reduce your college costs. You can earn scholarships for a host of reasons (being involved on campus or through your specific college) and from a variety of sources (UToledo, your credit union, etc.).

The easiest way to get scholarships - good grades

If you have good grades, you'll automatically qualify for merit scholarships.

No application necessary. Apply for admission to UToledo by the Merit Scholarship deadine, and if you qualify, you get the scholarship.

If you're an out-of-state student, you may be able to lower your cost to about the same as an in-state student, depending on your GPA.

Tips on finding scholarships

Find your merit or Out-of-State aid

I'm a First-Time Freshman Coming From High School
Merit Scholarships (Per Year): High school seniors who have earned at least a 3.0 high school GPA are eligible to receive a renewable merit-scholarship between $1,000 and $6,000. Students must submit a complete admissions application no later than April 1 to be eligible. No separate application, essays or recommendation letters are required.

International awards differ. If you’re a new international undergraduate student, learn more about international merit scholarships.  

I'm an out-of-state First-Time Freshman Coming From High School

Most out-of-state students pay an out-of-state tuition surcharge of about $9,360 a year. Depending on your GPA, you may be eligible for additional aid to help offset that surcharge — either in-state tuition or a scholarship. Both can be combined with the other merit scholarships listed above.

GPA 3.5 and above In-state tuition (with a $100 per semester fee)  
GPA 3.0-3.49 Rocket Nation Scholarship $8,000

The Rocket Nation Scholarship helps offset the out-of-state surcharge for students who do not qualify for in-state tuition. Residents of Monroe County, Mich., are considered in-state students.

I'm a transfer or adult student

You may qualify for merit scholarships based on your cumulative transfer GPA.

Many out-of-state students bring down their tuition costs to about the same amount as in-state students with our transfer out-of-state award.

Transfer and Adult Merit Scholarships

What if I don't qualify for merit scholarships?

Can I apply for other scholarships?

Yes. You may qualify for a host of other scholarships. But it takes some work.

To maximize your scholarships, you have to do two things:

  • Research
  • Apply

Our detailed scholarship page tells you more about:

  • Types of scholarships
  • How to find them
  • How to apply, including how to ace your essays

I'm a new undergraduate and ready to start my scholarship search

I'm a new transfer or adult student and ready to start my scholarship search


  • October: Scholarship applications open.
  • Early January: Priority scholarship application deadline for new undergraduates.
    Submit your application by the priority date in January and you’ll be competing for scholarships only with other new undergraduates. If you wait till the scholarship application’s final deadline, the applicant pool will include all continuing students as well.
  • February-March:
    • Deadline for most scholarship applications. NOTE: Deadlines vary. Doublecheck the dates in the scholarship database.
    • Financial aid offers for new undergraduates are posted to myUT.
  • June 1: Donor scholarships are typically awarded by June 1.

Meet Natalie Klosterman

Class of 2023, nursing

“Between scholarships, loans and a part-time job, I will be able to manage student debt and truly focus on my education to be the best nurse I can possibly be. Making my final decision to come to Toledo was dependent on my financial aid package, and after learning I received enough aid, I was ecstatic to commit to The University of Toledo.”


Meet Andrew Kloepfer

Class of 2020, theatre

“I worked hard at Owens Community College, so at UToledo, I was able to earn scholarships when I transferred. My decision came down to cost and opportunity. I could get more for my money at UToledo. The theatre department was smaller and there were so many great opportunities.”


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Financial Wellness

We could all use some help managing our money ― whether you’re a high school student, undergraduate or upperclassman ready to graduate.

UToledo's financial wellness team offers workshops, presentations and tools to help you improve your money management skills. You can even schedule an appointment with our counselor to discuss your personal financial plan.

  • How to pay for college
  • Managing student loans
  • Making a budget
  • And more
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