Greek Life

Virtual Chapter Resources

It's clear that we are in uncertain times with the required responses that have and will continue to occur during the COVID-19 pandemic. As members of the Greek community, we recognize the era we are in is unprecedented and challenging for all of us. We, the Greek Life Staff, -- with HUGE help from our brothers and sisters at Florida State University and UNC Charlotte -- is offering a one-stop shop full of resources to help you navigate the era of virtual engagement. We hope the resources below will help you maintain a strong sense of belonging, connection, and passion as you navigate a virtual fraternity and sorority experience.

Click HERE, for the Fraternity and Sorority Fall 2020 Operational Guide

Please continue to check-in with your brothers/sisters/siblings to make sure they are doing alright in this time, and that they have the resources needed. Please refer them to UToledo's Page or contact Alex Zernechel, Assistant Director of Greek Life at, if they are having any issues with access to reliable internet, safe housing, food insecurity, or need to self-quarantine. 


During this time, our relationships with our brothers, sisters, and siblings are extremely important. These relationships are the strong foundation of our organizations, and they should continue to be nurtured at a distance. Below are ideas and useful links to continue to promote strong bonds.

Video Chat Options

There are many platforms to use for group video options. Facetime, Google Hangouts, Zoom, and Webex are a few. If you need access to a paid Zoom account, contact your staff advisors. 


Leadership and Personal Development 

While there is a lot going on, many places are offering free online resources to help pass this time. Below are some resources for specific leadership development opportunities and ideas to learn during this time. 

Instagrams to follow 
  • @Jamestrobo
  • @fcflspeakers
  • @campuspeak
  • @phired.up 
Class and Tour

Many different museums, zoos, aquariums, professionals, and companies are offering free online resources. For example, Fender is offering 3 FREE months of guitar lessons and the Louvre is offering tours. 


Health and WellNEss

In all the is going on, it is vital to keep up on your mental and physical help. Prioritizing your overall wellness is important, and below are some resources. 

Mental Health

Check-in with yourself and others is SO important. Make sure to reach out to others. 

Stay Active

It's also important to stay active during this time to help with stress and anxiety. 

Crisis Resources 
  • Suicide Prevention: 1-800-273-TALK (8255)
  • The Steven Crisis Text Line: Offers support for students of color. Text STEVE to 741741
  • The Crisis Text Line: Text Home to 741741



Last Updated: 6/27/22