Bachelor of Science in Healthcare Administration

Preparing For A Career In Health Care Administration


Students may find the following useful as “food for thought” when considering, or preparing for, a career in health care administration.

Health care administration is administration or management that is applied in the health care industry

The same basic management principles, personal skills and attributes apply for a successful career in health care administration as they do for a successful administrative career in other industries.

How can I get information about health care administration?

1.)  University of Toledo website

2.)  Review “health services managers”career outlook as viewed by the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics. 
Click (1) Occupations; (2) Occupational Outlook Handbook; (3) Occupations: Management; (4) Medical and Health Services Managers


What can I do BEFORE I enroll in the healthcare administration program to help me be successful?

1.)  Look at yourself and evaluate if you are a “people person; a person of integrity; goal oriented; responsible; tactful; skillful in writing and speaking; analytical; and have a “can do” attitude.  These characteristics contribute to a successful career in healthcare administration.

2.)  Interview at least one health care executive in your hometown, or elsewhere, to get perspectives on the field including rewards and challenges. 

What can I do AFTER I enroll in the healthcare administration program at the University of Toledo to help me be successful?

1.)   Strive for good grades. A high college GPA on your resume can be helpful early on in your career given that new graduates often have little, if any, health care work experience.

2.)  Join the Healthcare Administration Student Association (HASA) and start networking with other students and mentors in the healthcare field.

3.)  Participate in other UToledo student organizations, such as student government and other management and business-related organizations.  Becoming an officer in these groups is another way to showcase your leadership abilities and further helps to strengthen your resume and marketability.

4.)  Seek out “real world” experiences by working a summer job and/or volunteer for a health care organization (hospital, nursing home, health care insurance company etc.) prior to graduation.

5.)  Take advantage of every opportunity and make the most of your four years at the University of Toledo by building strong relationships with classmates, faculty, advisors and local business mentors.

Last Updated: 6/21/22