Master of Science in Occupational Health-Industrial Hygiene

Graduate Certificate in Occupational Health

The graduate certificate in Occupational Health is for students that desire to augment their existing education and training via academic courses.

The program is designed to provide knowledge on preventing and controlling workers' exposures to factors and agents that can cause them harm, as well as prepare students for positions as Industrial Hygiene Specialists with:

  • Government agencies
  • Manufacturing and service industries
  • Labor unions
  • Consulting firms
  • Insurance agencies
  • Health care organizations
  • Academic institutions

The comprehensive and flexible curriculum provides:

  • A basic foundation of information for students with limited or no background in these areas, while simultaneously offering students with professional experience the opportunity to expand their scope of knowledge and skills.
  • Some classes in the evenings to accommodate both part-time and full-time students.
  • A curriculum that will benefit those with applicable education and experience that intend to take the Certified Industrial Hygienist (CIH) examination.
  • Courses that include Occupational Health, Chemical Agents, Hazard Control, Physical Agents and one Elective. 
    15 credit hours.  


required courses

PUBH 5020 Occupational Health (3 credit hours)
Scientific, regulatory and management principles applicable to hazard anticipation, recognition, evaluation and control of harmful agents, including an introduction to industrial hygiene instrumentation, occupational health programs and ethics. Includes a field component.

PUBH 5310 Chemical Agents (3 credit hours)
Scientific and management principles applicable to the qualitative and quantitative evaluation of chemical agents associated with human diseases resulting from various occupational and environmental exposures. Introduction to the exposure assessment process including basic characterization, establishing exposure groups, and judging exposure profiles. Includes laboratory and field components.

PUBH 5410 Hazard Control (3 credit hours)
Scientific and management principles of air contaminant modeling; control of indoor and outdoor (ambient) air pollution; operation of dilution and location exhaust ventilation systems; design of ventilation systems; respiratory and other personal protective equipment and programs commonly used in the workplace. Includes a laboratory component.

PUBH 5620 Physical Agents (3 credit hours)
Scientific, regulatory, and management principles applicable to the assessment and control of exposure to physical agents (noise, thermal stress, ionizing and non-ionizing radiation). Includes laboratory and field components.

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