Master of Science in Occupational Health-Industrial Hygiene

MSOH-IH Required Courses

A minimum of 4 semesters is required to complete the MSOH-IH degree as a full-time student. Time for completion for part-time students is likely a minimum of 2-3 years. The Thesis or Scholarly Project may be completed part-time off campus. The required courses are listed below:  

MSOH-IH Required Courses
Course Course Name Credits Offered
PUBH 5020 Occupational Health 3 Fall
PUBH 5060 Occupational Safety 3 Fall
PUBH 5160 Environmental Health 3 Fall
PUBH 5260 Hazardous Materials and Emergency Response 3 Summer
PUBH 5310 Chemical Agents 3 Fall
PUBH 5410 Hazard Control 3 Spring
PUBH 5520 Biological Agents 3 Summer
PUBH 5620 Physical Agents 3 Spring
PUBH 5700 Risk Assessment 3 Summer
PUBH 6000 Biostatistics 3 Fall/Spring
PUBH 6010 Epidemiology 3 Fall/Spring
PUBH 6960 Internship (required if <1 year professional experience) 3 Fall/Spring/Summer
PUBH 6990 Scholarly Project or Thesis 4-8 Fall/Spring/Summer


A maximum of 12 credit hours may be transferred from other accredited colleges/universities and applied toward the 40 credit hours of the MSOH-IH degree at the University of Toledo, pending approval of the MSOH program director, Chair of the School of Population Health and Senior Associate Dean of the College of Graduate Studies.

Last Updated: 6/27/22