School Psychology Program (MA, EdS)

2019-2020 school psychology students with utoledo flag

  • Our program is NASP Approved Program and CAEP accredited. Our most recent review in occurred in 2013 and we were granted NASP approval through 2020.

  • Our program faculty and alumni were recognized recently for excellence.  Our EdS program was the 2012-2013 Academic Program Winner for Excellence in Assessment. Sara Stockwell, a 2009 EdS graduate won the 2013 Young Alumni award for the College of Social Justice and Human Service.

  • We provide field experiences every year, including a first year prepractica that includes a concentrated study in the understanding and delivery of culturally responsive practices to children and families.

  • We have an active UT School Psychology Student Association. Involvement in planning and delivering the UT school psychology summer institute, the primary fundraiser for the organization which is used to help students attend professional conferences.

  • We meet with and see our students and advisees regularly.  Faculty and students interact on a daily basis and faculty members are on campus. To ensure faculty-student connections and student success, faculty members serve as advisors and meet formally and face-to-face with each advisee one time per semester.

  • We engage in Collaborative Faculty and Student Research. Since 2010 we have engaged in collaborative research with students. We have presented at our national conference (NASP) and at state conferences (both OSPA and MASP). We also are working to publish collaborative research in peer-reviewed journals. 

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Last Updated: 12/16/19