Visual Literacy

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Accessing Materials through blackboard

UToledo faculty can access Visual Literacy content through Blackboard by enrolling in the Visual Literacy Organization. 

To enroll yourself:

1.  Sign on to Blackboard and then return to this page.

2.  Click this link to access the self-enrollment page.

3.  Once on the self-enrollment page, hit the “Submit” button and you’re registered!

To access materials:

1.  Go back to your main Blackboard page. You should now see a link under “My Organizations” called “VISUAL LITERACY INITIATIVE: A UT/TMA COLLABORATION”. Click this link.

2.  In the main menu (on the left-hand side), you will see a link called “Modules and Exercises”. Here, you will find the modules themselves, as well as active learning exercises.

To use materials:

1.   Download the module or exercise and add it to your Blackboard page.

2.  Please require your students to complete two short assessments embedded as links in the beginning and end of each module. These are very important for evaluating the effectiveness of the module and we appreciate you requiring your students to complete them.

Last Updated: 6/21/22