Banner 9

Welcome to the University of Toledo's Banner 9 implementation page. As the University progresses through its upgrade from Banner 8 to Banner 9 this page will be your central point for information, news, and resources to assist with the transition. 

Banner 9 FAQ

  • What is Banner 9?
    Banner 9 is a complete overhaul of the Banner ERP system. When it is complete everything from INB to registration will be part of a new integrated modern system. Banner 9 is less browser dependent, mobile friendly, and accessible for users who use assistive technology such as screen readers. It brings the old INB and Self-Service pages into the modern web environment. The following video from Ellucian, our ERP vendor, gives you an overview of the new technology:

    If the video does not load you can view the navigation video on Elllucian's website.


  • What are Administrative Applications?
    Banner 9 Administrative Applications is the component of Banner 9 that we are currently working on implementing. Administrative Applications are the replacement for Internet Native Banner (INB). These are new enhanced web based forms which will ultimately replace INB.

  • Why do we have to upgrade?
    We always want to stay current with our systems, and Banner 9 will provide many enhancements which will improve the experience for Students, Faculty and Staff. We have to upgrade to the Administrative Application now because Ellucian will end all support for INB as of January 2019.

  • What has changed in Banner 9 Administrative Applications ?
    The new Administrative Applications are delivered to you through your native browser instead of in a separate plug in. The pages will have all the same information, but presented in a new improved format. Additionally all pages will be fully accessible to assistive technology. Some of the navigation on a page does change with this upgrade but all of the functionality remains.

  • What stays the same?
    The seven-character form names remain unchanged. Your security access will also remain the same as it was in INB. Lastly all of the data behind the forms is the same. The Banner 9 Administrative Application update ONLY updates the interface to the data, not the underlying tables, processes, or data.

  • When is Banner 9 coming?
    Banner 9 work has been going on for some time now. We have already launched the Self Service Faculty Grading application. Administrative Applications are next and those are scheduled to go live in a parallel deployment on March 26, 2018,

  • Does that mean Banner 8 INB is going away?
    No, we will have both Banner 8 and Banner 9 up for a period of 60-90 days.

  • How do I sign-in?
    The Banner 9 sign in will be your UTAD sign in. You will not have to remember a separate sign in as you did for INB.

  • Do I have to learn all new keyboard shortcuts?
    Not all new, but some of the shortcuts have changed. Our Navigation Section has all the tools you need to get you started.

  • Can I change my color scheme?
    Ellucian has stated the following as of 8/16/17:
    “Individual users cannot choose a personal color in the Banner 9 applications at this time. Personal color (theme) choices is on the backlog, but not yet scheduled for a particular release.”
    To assist with this IT will be changing the color scheme in the Development and Pre-Production environments so it is easier for end users to differentiate
  • Do I need Banner 9 training?
    We are working on determining the best avenue for training each INB user. We will be offering open labs where users can get their hands on the Administrative Applications in a test environment to see the changes. Additionally our functional offices will be reaching out to users to assist them in training. More information is available in our Training Section.

  • My Banner 9 is acting strangely (spinning, not showing forms, showing a service invocation error, etc)
    Many times you can fix these issues by clearing your cache. This is often needed after an update. Instructions can be found on our Browser Cache Information Page.

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