Cortana: "Your Daily Briefing" Email

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The Daily Briefing email assists you in staying control of your calendar and be intentional about your day. The delivery of the daily email is based on when you start your workday. It makes recommendations about any relevant items to help you better prepare for your day ahead. Some of the items may include:

  • Prepare for Meetings: Showing you related tasks or documents related to meetings scheduled for the day.
  • Manage Tasks: Reminds you of pending tasks from your email.
  • Focus Time: Scheduling time on your calendar that silences notifications for uninterrupted work.

Who/What is Cortana?

Cortana is Microsoft's personal productivity assistant that helps you save time and focus attention on what matters most.

How do Cortana Daily Briefing Emails work?

Emails are based on insights and actions of your Exchange Online mail data, such as email and calendar data. The insights are derived from data that is already available to you in your Exchange Online mailbox.

Not receiving "Daily Briefing emails"?

Like all AI, the information is data driven. The more data, the better the system can predict your needs. If you have not received an email, don't worry, Cortana may not have enough data to provide any suggestions in your daily email. The more you work in Outlook, Teams, SharePoint, and others the better your daily briefing will be. Could it be that you unsubscribed?

Can I subscribe or unsubscribe?

 You can verify that you are subscribed or unsubscribed to the "Your Daily Briefing" emails any time by visiting

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You can also find an unsubscribe link within the footer of the email.

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Is Cortana Secure?

Yes it is! All of the information gathered for the daily briefing emails are completely secure, and for only you to see. The briefing emails are personal and private. These emails are only sent to your mailbox and cannot be accessed by anyone else in your organization.

The briefing emails are based on information that you already have access to but can't quickly aggregate without help.

Briefing emails do not include any personal identifiable information about anyone else in the organization. The insights and actions are based on information generated by you and your organization just going about your regular workday.

Is my data safe?

Microsoft is one of the most trusted names in cloud computing. Below are some links that my be helpful:

how can I "tune/teach" the information coming into the daily briefing emails?

You can help Cortana improve by teaching Cortana and the predictions and information that appears in your briefing emails.

For example, if your daily briefing email, Cortana may suggest that you have a commitment or follow-up, where you can mark the task as "Done" for as "Not a task".

Teaching Cortana About Your Predictions

What you choose helps Cortana learn if the prediction of that item was a task or not. You may also find an additional Is this helpful? link that you can click to improve the results further. This lets Cortana know that the information being presented to you is important to you.


Last Updated: 1/5/21