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Rebecca E. Zietlow

Rebecca E. Zietlow

Interim Dean, Distinguished University Professor, and Charles W. Fornoff Professor of Law and Values

Office: LC 2000A
Campus Phone: 419.530.2379; Fax: 419.530.7911

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Rebecca Zietlow is interim dean, Distinguished University Professor, and the Charles W. Fornoff Professor of Law and Values at The University of Toledo College of Law, where she teaches constitutional law, federal courts, and constitutional litigation.

In 2020, Zietlow was elected a fellow of the American Bar Foundation. She received the University's Creative and Scholarly Activity Award in 2018 and the UToledo Outstanding Faculty Research and Scholarship Award in 2012. She formerly served as chair of the Association of American Law Schools Section on Constitutional Law and its Section on Women and Legal Education.

Professor Zietlow's scholarly interest is in the study of the Reconstruction Era, including the meaning and history of the Thirteenth and Fourteenth Amendments. Professor Zietlow is also an expert on constitutional theory, examining constitutional interpretation outside of the courts. Her most recent book, The Forgotten Emancipator: James Mitchell Ashley and the Ideological Origins of Reconstruction was published by Cambridge University Press in 2017. Her first book, Enforcing Equality: Congress, the Constitution, and the Protection of Individual Rights (NYU Press 2006), studies the history of congressional protection of rights, and the implications of that history for constitutional theory. Her work has been published in the Columbia Law Review, Boston University Law Review, Ohio State Law Journal, Florida Law Review, the Wake Forest Law Journal, and the University of Pennsylvania Journal of Constitutional Law, amongst other publications.

Zietlow received her B.A. from Barnard College and her J.D. from Yale Law School.


The Forgotten Emancipator: James Mitchell Ashley and the Ideological Origins of Reconstruction (Cambridge University Press 2017)

Enforcing Equality: Congress, The Constitution, and the Protection of Individual Rights (New York University Press 2006)

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Book Reviews

Review of  Laura Weinrib, The Taming of Free Speech, America’s Civil Liberties Compromise, The American Historical Review 123: 604 (2018)

Review of  Amanda Hollis-Brusky, Ideas with Consequences: the Federalist Society and the Conservative Counterrevolution, Law & Society Review 524 (May 2016)

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Review of  Justin Wert, Habeas Corpus in America: The Politics of Individual Rights, American Historical Review (2011)

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Belonging and Empowerment: A New 'Civil Rights' Paradigm Based on Lessons of the Past (Review of  The Lost Promise of Civil Rights by Risa Goluboff ), 25 Constitutional Commentary 353 (2009)

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