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Part-Time Faculty (2019-20)

Elizabeth Bostdorff  Lecturer in Law
Chris Bourell  Lecturer in Law
Mike Briley  Lecturer in Law
Claire Cahoon  Lecturer in Law
The Hon. Myron C. Duhart  Lecturer in Law
RaShya Ghee  Lecturer in Law
Donna M. Grill  Lecturer in Law
Jason A. Hill  Lecturer in Law
Sue Ann Hochberg  Lecturer in Law
Nathan Goetting  Lecturer in Law
Rena Leizerman  Lecturer in Law
Christopher C. Lund  Lecturer in Law
Thomas Moga  Lecturer in Law
Eugenio Mollo, Jr.  Lecturer in Law
Kelly Moore  Associate Professor of Law
The Hon. Dennis M. Parish  Lecturer in Law
Denise Pollicella  Lecturer in Law
Roshunda Price  Lecturer in Law
Kirk Ross  Lecturer in Law
Karl E. Strauss  Lecturer in Law
Jami Mills Vibbert  Lecturer in Law
Jacob M. Ward  Lecturer in Law
Patricia Anne Wise  Lecturer in Law

Last Updated: 6/24/19