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Faculty in the News

As experts in their fields, our faculty members are regularly consulted for analysis and opinion by the media. Many faculty members are interviewed for local television and newspaper articles, and several comment frequently in national publications such as The New York Times and USA Today.


Professors Rob Salem and Lee Strang Serve on Ohio Advisory Committee that is Conducting Study on Source of Income Discrimination in Ohio Housing
Feb. 17, 2023

Associate Dean Rebecca Zietlow Writes About the Federal Trade Commission's Proposed Ban on Non-Compete Clauses for Workers
Feb. 16, 2023

Associate Dean Rebecca Zietlow Constitutional Rights and School Dress Codes with 13abc
Feb. 1, 2023

Professor Joe Slater Quoted in Real Clear Investigations on Illinois Labor Unions
Dec. 8, 2022

Professor Ken Kilbert Discusses the 22nd Annual Great Lakes Water Conference with NBC 24
Oct. 28, 2022

Professor Eric Chaffee Discusses Securities Fraud and Disclosure When a Celebrity is Being Compensated to Promote an Asset
Oct.3, 2022

Professor Gregory Gilchrist Quoted by Yahoo! Finance on Corporate Fines
Aug. 27, 2022  

Dean Barros was Interviewed by The Bar Examiner to Provide Insight on the State of Legal Education, Advice for Prospective Law Students, and More
Summer 2022 (Vol. 91, No.2)

Professor Evan Zoldan Wrote an op-ed on the Transformative Effect a Supreme Court Ruling Could Have on State Regulatory Programs that Depend on Federal Standards for their Existance
July 2, 2022

Professor Geoffrey Rapp Discussed Why Lawmakers May Not Learn Much From NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell as He Defends the League and its Handling of Workplace Misconduct
June 21, 2022

Professor Joe Slater Discussed Employer Public Comments and Labor Law Violations in Bloomberg Law
June 14, 2022

Professor Lee Strang Provided Insight on Potential Changes in Local Government Flag Flying Policies
May 30, 2022

Professor Ken Kilbert Discussed the Lake Erie Bill of Rights
May 9, 2022

Professor Lee Strang Quoted by Reuters Regarding Laws on the Ability to Travel Across State Lines
May 9, 2022

UToledo Recognizes Professor Bryan Lammon for Outstanding Research and Scholarship and Associate Dean and Professor Robert Salem for Outreach and Engagement
May 5, 2022

Associate Dean Rebecca Zietlow and Professor Lee Strang Provide Insight on Possible Future of Abortion in Ohio (Additional story on 13abc)
May 3, 2022

Professor Lee Strang Discussed Leak of Draft Opinion of the Supreme Court Voting to Overturn Abortion Rights (Additional stories on WTOL 11 and NBC 24)
May 2, 2022

Professor Emeritus Howard Friedman Quoted by ESPN on the Supreme Court Religious Liberty Case Involving a High School Football Coach
April 25, 2022

Professor Geoff Rapp Offered Insight on Allegations Against the Washington Commanders
April 20, 2022

Associate Dean Rebecca Zietlow Provided Insight on the Cannon Lecture on Reproductive Rights
April 13, 2022

Professor Lee Strang Interviewed with The Federalist Society with a Conversation on Natural Law
April 12, 2022 

Professor Lee Strang Interview by 13abc on the Senate Confirmation Hearing of Supreme Court Nominee
March 28, 2022

Professor Greg Gilchrist Quoted by Yahoo Finance on Theranos Leaders Allegedly Defrauding Investors with False Claims
March 23, 2022

Professor Evan Zoldan Discussed a Controversial Methodology that may be Debated Before the U.S. Supreme Court
March 22, 2022

Associate Dean Rebecca Zietlow was Interviewed by 13abc on the First Black Woman Nominated to the U.S Supreme Court
March 22, 2022

Professor Joe Slater Discussed the National Labor Relations Board's Worker Classification Test in Bloomberg Law
Feb. 22, 2022

Professor Nicole Buonocore Porter Quote in Forbes on Employment Discrimination
Feb. 11, 2022

Professor Nicole Buonocore Porter Discussed Employment Discrimination in Bloomberg Law
Feb. 11, 2022

Professor Lee Strang was Quoted by the Washington Examiner on President's Power to Grant Pardons
Feb. 2, 2022

Associate Dean Rebecca Zietlow Interviewed with 13abc on Justice Stephen Breyer's Decision to Retire from Supreme Court
Jan. 26, 2022

Professor Rebecca Zietlow Name Associate Dean for Academic Affairs
Jan. 1, 2022











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