College of Law

Tuition & Fees

Toledo Law is a smart choice for your legal education. We offer highly ranked academics at one of the lowest tuition rates of any law school in the region. Additionally, our robust scholarship program allows us to provide generous support to well-qualified students.

Fall/Spring 2022-23

Costs are based on fall and spring, full-time enrollment per academic year (12-16 credit hours per semester) OR part-time enrollment per credit hour (less than 12 credit hours). Tuition and fees are subject to change by action of the Board of Trustees. Additional information is available at the UToledo Office of the Treasurer.


  • Full-Time Tuition: $12,339.24 per semester
  • Part-Time Tuition: $1,028.27 per credit hour

One-Time Fees

  • New Student Registration Fee: $30
  • Rocket ID Card Fee: $35

Semester Fees

  • General Fee: $54.48 per credit hour (capped at 12 credit hours / maximum $653.76 per semester)
  • Service Fee: $31.04 per credit hour (capped at 12 credit hours / maximum $372.48 per semester)
  • Distance Learning Fee: $25 per DL course
  • Out-of-State Surcharge (for non-Ohio residents): $100
  • Student Green Fund Fee (waivable): $5
  • Legal Services Fee (waivable): $10 fall / $20 spring & summer
  • Parking Permit Fee: $133 per semester
  • Bar Prep Fee (first five semesters enrolled - waivable): $480
  • Health Plan Fee (automatic enrollment - waivable): $991 fall / $1,537 spring & summer


We encourage you to review Toledo Law residency resources to learn about ways to establish residency as a veteran, Ohio high school/college/university graduate, or Michigan Monroe County resident.

Refund Policies

The UToledo refund policies vary each semester. View important refund dates at the UToledo Office of the Treasurer.

Toledo Law Admissions

Last Updated: 7/11/22