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Computing in the Mulford Library


Library Workstations

The Mulford Library computers are primarily for research and education.  The 10 workstations in the 4th Floor Online Resources Room, 12 workstations on the 5th Floor (5 at the Kiosks, 8 in Room 502), and 2 workstations in the 6th floor Collaborative Learning Space are equipped with web browsers (Internet Explorer and Firefox), basic utilities such as Adobe Acrobat Reader, and standard office applications such as word processors, spreadsheets, etc.  Please see the IT Responsible Use Policy for rules governing computer use.

In order to provide a secure network and to prevent illegal download activity of copyrighted materials from University Library computers, UTAD logins will be required to access all computer workstations within the library.  Public access is available on the 4th Floor for health and medical research -- please see the staff at the Service Desk to be logged on to a workstation.

Collaborative Learning Space on the 6th Floor is available to UT students and affiliates only. Use the north elevators on either the 4th or 5th floors for access; upon exiting the elevator the space is located to your left. Details of the Collaborative Learning Space: 

See Mulford Library Hours of Operation for hours
[The space closes 30 minutes before Mulford Library closing]

For information call: 419.383.4225

  • 2 computers
  • 1 desktop scanner
  • 1 printer

Wireless Computing

All floors of Mulford Library are equipped with a wireless computing network. Visit the Wireless Connection Page for more information configuring your Windows or Mac OSX laptop for connecting to the wireless network.  Please note that wireless coverage may be reduced in some areas, especially near the outer walls of the building.

Laptops equipped with wireless cards may be checked out from the Mulford Library Service Desk for up to 5 hours. This service is available to UT students, faculty and staff (valid identification is required). Laptops cannot leave the building or be checked out overnight. Overdue fines are $20.00 per hour and a replacement charge of $3,000.00 will be assessed if the laptop is not returned in three days. Technical assistance with using the laptops is available from the Service Desk at Mulford Library.


The 4th Floor Online Resources Room (ORR) has three available printers with one being color capable. One printer is located in the computer lab in Room 502.  The Collaborative Learning Space also has one available printer.  Print quotas will be in effect; for questions about print quotas, contact your college computing office on the Information Technology home page.


Flatbed scanners are available in the Online Resources Room, 5th Floor Computer Lab, and Collaborative Learning Space. All Xerox devices come with scanning to OneDrive and Email capability.

Contact Information

For questions about Mulford Library-related computing services please contact Mulford Reference Assistance at 419.383.4225 or Ask a Health Science Librarian.
For questions about the Collaborative Learning Space please contact the Mulford service desk at 419.383.4225.

Last Updated: 9/12/22