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All AI's/Electives require permits from the clerkship coordinator. 

IMPORTANTWhen emailing the clerkship coordinator about courses at UToledo you wish to register for, please be sure to provide the following information to prevent any delay in your registration: 

  1. Name of elective 
  2. Course Number and Section 
  3. CRN Number 
  4. Rocket Number 
  5. Dates for the period you are requesting 

M3 Year Electives

  • Requires a permit.
  • If you have already completed your Obstetrics and Gynecology you can do an elective. 
  • Electives Offered: Gyn/Onc, Minimally Invasive Gynecological Surgery (MIGS), Maternal Fetal Medicine (MFM) and Ambulatory ObGyn.
  • Offered in the late Fall and Spring rotations.
  • They are offered all year round with a maximum of 1 student at a time.

Acting Internships (AI's) and electives

  • Requires a permit.
  • Choice of Acting Internships/Electives
  • Acting Internships Offered: MFM, Gyn/Onc, Ambulatory ObGyn and Uro/Gyn.
  • They are offered all year round with a maximum of 1 student at a time.

“Audition” Electives 4 and 2 weeks (Away Electives)

  • Must be approved by the clerkship office. Email course description (URL address as well) to Clerkship Coordinator for approval from the Clerkship Director.
  • After approval from Clerkship Director, it will be forwarded to Dr. Mann for approval. 
  • After approval from Dr. Mann, you may apply for the elective through VSAS. 
  • If you are accepted, please contact the Clerkship Coordinator, so that they can send you an away elective request form, and then you may register for the respective OBGY 750/751 course/s. 

Competitiveness of specialty

  • The busiest times of the year for electives are the end of July to early October; then January to mid-March. 
Last Updated: 6/27/22