Robert Forney Jr., Ph.D., DABFT

Director, Toxicology                                                 Associate Professor, Pathology & Allied Health
Lucas County Coroner's Office                            University of Toledo Health Sciences Campus
2595 Arlington Avenue 
Toledo, OH 43614-2678
Phone: 419-213-3900
Fax:  419-213-3941

Fellowship/Post Doc:

Departments of Pathology and Medicine, Case Western Reserve College of Medicine

Board Certification:

American Board of Forensic Toxicology

Primary Responsibility:

Director, Toxicology Laboratory

Research/Scholarly Activities:

Toxicology, Pharmacokinetics, Alcohol, Drug Analyses
Research Interest:

1. The development and/or implementation of methods used in the toxicology laboratory.
2. Toxicokinetics: clinical and postmortem.
3. Impairment from alcohol and other abused drugs.
Last Updated: 6/27/22