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Rocket Medicine: Phase 2 Timeline

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Fall 2020


  • New CCE form with clerkship director written narrative summary of student performance
  • Interim analysis of clerkship grade distribution completed for first 4 blocks

All students doing 2 weeks EMED rotation

Ongoing: phase review of clinical curriculum
Content : EPO review
Instructional methods reviewed to determine if additional methods are necessary to meet EPOs
Clerkship framework reviewed – new structure approved by CCC for AY 2022-23
Assessment/Evaluation reviewed by subcommittee of CCC

  • Grading system review: tiered vs pass/fail
  • Evaluation conceptual framework being discussed (RIME vs EPA vs hybrid)
  • Departmental point structure content reviewed
  • NBME percent of composite clerkship grade

Longitudinal threads for clinical curriculum to be reviewed/determined

Spring 2021

End of M3 year analysis of composite grade distribution for required clerkships
Results of phase review implemented
Content – EPO review complete
Instructional methods review complete
Assessment/evaluation review

  • Grading system review completed – recommendations made to CCC
  • Evaluation conceptual framework to be discussed and reviewed by CCC
  • Departmental points review complete
  • NBME review complete

Launch of new Transition to Residency courses (Advanced Clinical Care 2, Advanced Clinical Care 3)

Longitudinal threads determined – individual disciplines add related content aligned with EPOs.

Summer 2021

Required clerkships will be 10 weeks (IM, Surgery) and 5 weeks (FMED, Neurology, OBGYN, Peds, Psych) with ongoing planning for new integrated clerkship structure to start in AY 2022-23.

  • Clerkship directors meet with ECC
  • Clerkship directors plan for horizontal content integration
  • Timing of NBME subject exams to be reviewed for AY 2022 integrated curriculum
  • Development of integration weeks

Ongoing phase review
Addition of new content to required clerkships to meet EPOs
Instructional methods – additions added to required clerkships
Assessment/evaluation review

  • Composite grade changes implemented
  • Ongoing discussion of optimal conceptual framework for evaluations
  • Departmental points standardized for each clerkship

Fall 2021


Clerkship directors continue planning for new integrated required clerkship curriculum.
Evaluation paradigm under development

Review of all T2R courses – plans presented for changes/revision based on feedback  
Review of Emergency Medicine with action plan

Spring 2022

Integrated clerkship blocks begin
New evaluation system introduced

The first stage (Stage 1) of our clinical curriculum reform culminated with the CCRSC completing a final proposal and action plan by February 2022.  The timeline for this committee’s work was July 2021 to February 2022.  

Last Updated: 6/27/22