Stranahan Arboretum

Research Information

1) Studying Plant Communities Over Time (SPOT)
A delayed mowing program studying plant community change over time and its effects on the urban landscape's environment.

2) Lysimeter Project
A brownfield research project studying how plants can remove toxic waste from soil. Dr. Daryl Dwyer

3) Weather Stations
Two out of many stations world-wide that are monitoring climate variables. One station is located in the Arboretum's forest area and one out in the open area.

Click the links below to view current and past data information:

Forest Station Data Sheet

Open Station Data Sheet

Data Sheet Legend

4) Ground Sensors
Recording soil moisture and climate.

5) Groundwater Wells
Used to measure groundwater in Oak Openings perched water table. Dr. James Marten-Hayden

Last Updated: 6/27/22