College of Natural Sciences and Mathematics

NSM Council Membership

Natural Sciences & Mathematics Council Roster 2023-2024 AY

  • Natural Sciences & Mathematics Council is composed of members from each of the five departments in the college.
  • Each department elects three or more faculty representatives, in proportion to departmental faculty number, and two student representatives are selected by the Student Senate.

Biological Sciences

  • Scott Crawley
  • Sally Harmych
  • Malathi Krishnamurthy

Chemistry and Biochemistry

  • John Bellizzi
  • Xiche Hu
  • Wei Li

Environmental Sciences

  • Daryl Dwyer
  • David Krantz
  • Jamie Martin-Hayden

Mathematics and statistics

  • Amrita Acharyya
  • James Anderson
  • Kathy Fisher
  • Kevin Gibbs

Physics & Astronomy

  • Randy Ellingson
  • Anne Medling
  • Eli Visbal

Student Representatives

  • TBA
  • TBA
Last Updated: 6/22/23