Department of Environmental Sciences

Career Opportunities in Environmental Studies

 What is Environmental Studies?

Environmental studies is concerned with the challenging issues that affect environmental quality, including air, water and soil pollution, and the preservation of biological diversity. Students pursuing such studies will elect an area of concentration in one of the humanities or social sciences – most often Geography and Planning, Political Science and Public Administration, or Economics.

 How much are environmental studies grads paid?

The principal employers of people with an environmental background are:

  1. environmental consulting companies;
  2. government – federal, state and local organizations, such as the Environmental Protection Agency and other regulatory agencies that are mostly concerned with environmental matters;
  3. private conservation organizations;
  4. industry – monitoring environmental quality; and
  5. others where environmental expertise is valued, such as urban and landscape planning, public service through elected office, journalism, and public-health related services.

Starting salaries for people with a baccalaureate degree are in the $25,000 to $35,000 range. To maximize advancement and earning opportunities, students should go on for a master's degree.

 How do I major in environmental studies at UT?

Students should pursue the Bachelor of Arts degree in Environmental Studies with an elected concentration in one of the humanities or social sciences. Student wishing to pursue a Master of Science degree may do so in their area of concentration. They may also enter Law School with the intent of practicing environmental law.

Last Updated: 10/21/19