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The undergraduate programs in UToledo's Department of Environmental Sciences emphasize coursework and research that focus on earth processes and human impacts on terrestrial (land) and aquatic (water) systems.

Why UToledo?

  • Opportunities for undergraduate research. Work closely with members of our renowned faculty. Your research may lead to publication in a scientific journal and is excellent preparation for graduate school.

  • Learn from award-winning faculty with a wide range of environmental sciences interests. Learn to think critically, question established dogma and develop communication skills.

  • A highly collaborative field. Our faculty work on research with professionals in other disciplines: engineering, geography, political science and economy. This offers you a great perspective on all facets of the field.

  • Hands-on learning in a natural lab like no other. You'll have plenty of chances to get your hands dirty with field work and internships. The Toledo region's unique natural habitats and land forms are the perfect outdoor lab ― made even better because it occurs in an area with a large human population and high natural resource use.

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What's the Difference Between a B.S. and a B.A. Degree?

  • The B.S. degrees (Biology/Ecology and Environmental Sciences) provide an excellent basis for graduate work in the environmental sciences as well as a solid foundation for employment in the public and private sectors. The B.S. degree has a greater focus on science and math with more course work in these areas.

  • The B.A. degree (Environmental Studies) serves as excellent preparation for graduate-level training in a professional program such as law, business or municipal planning. The B.A. degree requires more arts, humanities and social science classes.


If you're a highly motivated student interested in research and a challenge, consider our Department's Honors Program. You'll have an opportunity to work closely with a faculty advisor on an independent research topic. This experience often leads to publication and is excellent preparation for graduate school.

Last Updated: 4/10/23