Department of Environmental Sciences



Jeffrey A. Black Scholarship 

Established in 1998 in memory of Jeffrey Black (A/S ‘69) by his friend Terrence Perris (A/S ‘69), parents Arthur and Virginia Black, brother Curtis Black and his wife Marilyn, and others. Jeffrey Black was director of aquatic toxicology at EA Laboratories in Sparks, Md. This scholarship is awarded to a full-time student majoring in Environmental Sciences, or pursuing an environmental science-related academic track. The recipient must have an overall GPA of at least 3.0 and a GPA of at least 3.5 in the major. They must be either a sophomore entering the junior year, or a junior entering the senior year. The recipient must continue in the Academic Year following the award, as a full time student, making progress toward a degree offered by the Department of Environmental Sciences. (Apply via Scholarship Application for NSM at top of page.)

Jeffrey A. Black Scholarship Recipients

2019 Hannah Lapoint      
2018 Michala Burke      
2018 Adam Siefker      
2017 Claire Caryer   2011 Gabriella Parde
2017 Emily Reutter   2010 Craig Krajewski
2017 Linnea Vicari      
2016 Austin Bartos   2009 Lindsay Vasko
2015 Kaylie Deyarman   2008 Leigh Moorhead
2014 Darian Marinis   2007 Michael Elk
2013 Casey Fuleky   2006 Michael Elk
2012  Stephanie Clendenen   2005 Sally Betz
2012 Michael Melnyk   2002  Heather Iler
2012 Courtney Mobilian   2001  Amanda Merner


Elmer R. and Gertrude M. Brigham Scholarship in Science

Mr. Brigham, who died in 1967, was a partner in the Toledo engineering firm of Sanzenbacher, Miller and Brigham, as well as Caltech, one of the area’s first computer consulting firms. He and Mrs. Brigham, who died in 1996, both attended (but did not graduate from) UToledo. This scholarship was established by Sister Barbara Brigham of the Medical Mission Sisters (Philadelphia) in memory of her parents, Elmer and Gertrude. In particular, her father was able to have a higher education because of the generosity of an uncle. Sister Brigham wished to create this scholarship in that spirit. Recipients must be science majors; scholarships alternate alphabetically every year among the science departments. (Apply via Scholarship Application for NSM at top of page.)

Elmer R. and Gertrude M. Brigham Scholarship Recipients

2015 Dylan Grieselding      
  Alexa Seaman      


Joseph and Mary Capobianco Scholarship

John (B.S. ’67; M.S. ’69, Biology) and Ester Capobianco established the Joseph A. and Mary A. Capobianco Memorial Scholarship in honor of Mr. Capobianco’s parents. Joseph Capobianco (1899-1979) and Mary (Vespa) Capobianco (1900-2001) immigrated to the U.S. from Italy. They came from a poor farming community with only an elementary education background. When they arrived in the U.S. they realized that the pathway for success was through education. Thus, they impressed upon their children that in this country there are no limits in pursuing your goals and that education was the key available to everyone. The scholarship will provide support for students in the Departments of Chemistry and Biochemistry, Biological Sciences and Environmental Sciences.  (Apply via Scholarship Application for NSM at top of page.)

Joseph and Mary Capobianco Scholarship Recipients

2019 Katelyn Sanders
2019 Ysabelle Yrad
2018 Emili Aselage
2018 Jacqueline Shook
2017 Lucas Arend
2017 Anna Pauken


Dr. Peter C. Fraleigh Memorial Scholarship

Dr. Peter Fraleigh, a retired University of Toledo professor of aquatic ecology, dedicated much of his life towards realizing the dream of restoring fishable and swimmable waters in Lake Erie since joining the UToledo faculty in 1972. As one of the founders of the Maumee Bay Watershed Project, he enabled hundreds of students to experience water sampling firsthand and learn how these results are valuable in improving water quality in the Maumee River watershed. Dr. Fraleigh also was instrumental in the success of the Maumee Remedial Action Plan, where he played a key role in devising goals and strategies to ultimately restore the Maumee River Area of Concern. In 1999, an unnamed tributary to the Ottawa River was named after Dr. Fraleigh in honor of his lifelong work and determination to improve the quality of life for all people in northwest Ohio. (Apply via Scholarship Application for NSM at top of page.)

Dr. Peter C. Fraleigh Memorial Scholarship Recipients

2019 Chris Kirwen      
2017 Madeline Tomczak      
2015 Ryan Krantz      
2013 Robert Bowser      
2011 Justin Burdine      
  Kristen Woodling      
2010 Cody Murnen      
2009 Jacob Eby      
  Kevin Keeler      


Thomas A. Hogan Memorial Scholarship

Recipient must be a qualified student in the Department of Environmental Sciences to assist with a summer field experience. Award alternates each year between Health & Human Services and Natural Sciences & Mathematics. (Apply via Scholarship Application for NSM at top of page.)

Thomas A. Hogan Scholarship Recipients

2018 Luke Skowronek      
2015 Alyssa Corbeil   2000 Deanna Swicegood
2014 Corinne Whewell     Erik Kneller
2012  Lindsay Sears   1998 Lorna Snyder
2007 Matt Welker     Sara Miewiak
2003 Sabrina Belknab   1997 Marie Minniear
  Polly Fraser   1993 Justin C. Lime
2002 Elizabeth Drake   1991 Timothy Connors
2001  Kevin Diego   1989 Joseph Grabill


Rangaswamy Scholarship

2014 - Awarded to Luke Cousino

Elliot J. Tramer Environmental Science Scholarship

Established in 2005 by Dr. Elliot Tramer, UToledo professor emeritus of biology and past director of environmental sciences. Income from this fund supports scholarships for full-time environmental science majors, based on academic achievement. (Apply via Scholarship Application for NSM at top of page.)

Elliot J. Tramer Scholarship Recipients

2019 Jason Broadwater      
2019 Luke Skowronek      
2018 Sarah Miller      
2018 Ysabelle Yrad      
2017 Aminata Fofana   2011 Rebecca Brent
2017 Adam Siefker   2010 Justin Burdine
2016 Bianca Caniglia   2009 Cody Murnen
2015 Benjamin Kuhaneck   2008 Myla Skalsky
2014 Anthony Dixon   2007 Emily Sopkovich
2013 Darian Marinis   2006 Alex Duncan
2012 Emily Potter      


C. V. Wolfe Natural Sciences Scholarship

The family of former UToledo professor Cletus V. Wolfe established the C. V. Wolfe Scholarship fund to provide scholarships for students in the departments of History, Natural Sciences, Theatre, and in the College of Law. The scholarship awards are based on financial need and high academic promise. Mr. Wolfe was a former high school principal, and instructor of government and constitutional law at UToledo in the 1920’s. He also served as a University trustee and chairman of the Academic Affairs Committee for six years. Mr. Wolfe practiced law in the firms of Wolfe & Seeley and Seeley, Wolfe & Rodgers. He later became a prominent businessman as president of the Western Ohio Corp. (formerly First Toledo Corp.) and founder of the Lima Lumber Co. Mr. Wolfe died in 1967 and his wife Vera died in 1991. The scholarship fund was established by their son Frederic (Fritz) Wolfe, of Perrysburg; daughters Helen Minck, Marilyn Allison and Martha Farmer, all of Lima. Fritz Wolfe says the endowed scholarship fund seemed the right tribute to his father. “Our family was academically oriented. Education was high on his list of priorities, and he was especially interested in the University of Toledo,” he says. “We decided that establishing a memorial fund that would support student scholarships was very appropriate.” (Apply via Scholarship Application for NSM at top of page.)

C. V. Wolfe Scholarship Recipients

2019 Jacqueline Shook      
2018 Lucas Arend      
2018 Aminata Fofana      
2017 Austin Bartos      
2017 Shelby Spencer      
2016 Sarah Carter   2005  Kristin Cavanagh
  Nicole Jablonski      Laurence Dearduff
2015 Jeanna Meisner     Michael Elk
  Joseph Turner   Diana Heckenburg
 2014 Maureen Bogdanski   Jacquelyn Schigel
  Mark Chase  2004 Sally Betz
  Alexa Seaman     Kristin Cavanagh
2013 Stephanie Clendenen     Laurence Dearduff
  Shelby Edwards     Matthew Gadaux
2012 Stephanie Clendenen    2003 Kari Gerwin
  Courtney Mobillian     Bobby Mauger
  Michael Melnyk   2002 Amy Hyde
2011 Justin Burdine     Jessica Mack
  Kristen Woodling     Melissa Parker
2010 Lindsay Vasko    2001 Brook Denis
  Kristen Woodling     Andrew Hoeken
2009 Myla Skalsky     Tara Montini
  Kristen Woodling    2000 Lindsay Seders
  Kevin Keeler     Deanna Swicegood
 2008 Alison Zeigray   1999 Sara Miewiak
 2007 Kristin Cavanagh     Lorna Snyder
  Russell Friedrich   1998 Scott Neikamp
  Jared Hawkins    1997 Marie Minniear
 2006 Kristin Cavanagh    1995 Amy Reinker
  John Herman      
    Phillip Mathias      



Toledo Gem and Rockhound Club Scholarship

(Apply via Scholarship Application for NSM at top of page.)

Toledo Gem and Rockhound Scholarship Recipients

2019 Amar Kolapkar      
2019 Erica Wolfe      
2018 Nathan Powazki      
2017 Kristie Bowersox      
  Nathan Powazki      
2016 Kristie Bowersox    1998  Kelly Bensman
  Amy Towell      Mindy Boehler
2015 Kristie Bowersox     Greg Buhoveckey
  Amy Towell     Scott Niekamp
2014 Alyssa Corbeil     Steve Stacy
  Corinne Whewell   Susan Whitaker
2013 Heather Cholette 1997 A.J. Blankton
  Jared Rogers   Mindy Boehler
 2012 Jonathan Sanders   Greg Buhoveckey
2011 Jonathan Sanders   David Gensler
  Lindsay Sears     Ryan Green
 2010 Brendan Poffenbaugh     Brian Marlow
  Wade Shaver     Marie Minniear
  Angela Williams     Scott Niekamp
2008 Jared Hawkins     Dan Oros
  Kathie Swan     Pete Sokoloski
2007 Matt Weller     Steve Stacy
 2003 Polly Fraser     Pamela Struffino
 2002 Jamie Dole     Matt Wilson
  Steven Johnson   1996 Greg Buhoveckey
  Brian Mitchell     Erich Dresher
  Lindsay Seders     Ryan Green
 2001 Elizabeth Drake     Andrew Kocker
  Ben Gallagher     Brian Marlow
  Erik Kneller     Scott Niekamp
  Lindsay Seders     Pete Sokoloski
 2000 Matt Biel     Pamela Struffolino
  Beth Drake   1995 Cynthia Erbacher
  Ben Gallagher     Andrew Kocher
  Erik Kneller     Pete Sokoloski
  Matt LaSalvia     Erich Dresher
  Sarah Mersereau   1994 Frank Conrad
  Deanna Swicegood     Amy Reinker
  Ryan Tuttle     Mark Richie
  Charlann Walker     Jill Schneider
 1999 Jeff Bablone     Shelly Speka
  Ben Gallagher     Natalie Zeski
  Ryan Green   1993 Justin Lime
 Lindy Hartley 1992 Rich Vanarsdaken
  Sarah Mersereau    1991 Daniel Bentley
  David Opter   1990 Timothy Connors
  Eric Shinn   1989 Thomas Covrett
  Deanna Swicegood   1988 Deborah Schwieder
   Charlann Walker   1987 Joel Johnston
      1986 David Ludwikoski
      1985 Matthew Johnston
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