Department of Environmental Sciences

Faculty: Heidi Appel

Professor of environmental sciences
dean, jesup scott honors college
ph.d. university of michigan 1990

Research and Teaching Interests:

  • Chemical ecology of plant-insect interactions
  • Plant detection of insect herbivores

(419) 530-2812





My research is focused on understanding how plants recognize and respond to insect herbivores with chemical defenses. This requires a multidisciplinary approach ranging from molecular biology to ecology and makes use of model systems with genetic tools, including Arabidopsis, poplar, and grape. My current research is focused in three areas: 1) how insect feeding vibrations are sensed and used by insects as a rapid detection system for herbivory, 2) the mechanisms of plant gall induction by insects, and 3) volatile signatures of plant responses to herbivory.

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Dr. Appel has no teaching responsibilities as Dean but does teach study abroad courses to Ecuador. 

Last Updated: 10/21/19