Department of Environmental Sciences

Faculty and Staff Listing

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Administrative Faculty & Staff

Position Name Phone Office Email
Department Chair Bossenbroek, Jonathan x4595 WO1235
Associate Chair Sigler, Von x2897 BO2001B
Department Secretary Stewart, Sandy x2009 WO1235H
Business Services Officer McBride, Scott x7837 WO1235G
Laboratory Machinist Murphy, Steven x2578 WO1235F
Director, Lake Erie Center Bridgeman, Thomas x8362 UToledoLEC
Director, Stranahan Arboretum Dwyer, Daryl x2661 BO2001F
Director, Plant Science Research Center Leisner, Scott X1549 BO3001F



Name Phone Title Email Field
Appel, Heidi x2812 Professor, Environmental Sciences Chemical ecology of plant-insect interactions
Plant Detection of insect herbivores
Becker, Richard x4571 Professor Land subsidence
Toxic algal blooms
Groundwater resources
Bossenbroek, Jonathan M. x4595

Professor, Ecology
Department Chair Invasion, landscape, and watershed ecology
Modeling dispersal mechanisms
Predicting habitat suitability
Bridgeman, Thomas B. x8360 Professor, Ecology
Director, Lake Erie Center Limnology of large lake ecosystems
Pelagic zooplankton and phytoplankton community ecology
Impact of invasive species on lake ecosystems
Camp, Mark J. x2398 Associate Professor Invertebrate paleontology/paleoecology
Non-marine mollusca
History of building stone/clay minerals industry
History of geology
Crail, Todd D. x4583 Associate Lecturer, Environmental Sciences Undergraduate learning and engagement
Undergraduate field-based research
Eastern North American community ecology
Doro, Kennedy x2811 Assistant Professor Hydrogeophysics
Environmental geophysics
Geophysical imaging
In-situ technologies
Dwyer, Daryl F. x2661 Associate Professor, Ecology
Director, Stranahan Arboretum Environmental microbiology
Bioremediation, phytoremediation
Natural attenuation
Microbial physiology, genetics
Fisher, Timothy G. x4572 Professor, Geology  Geomorphology
Glacial and Quaternary geology
Quaternary history of the Great Lakes 
Heckathorn, Scott A. x4328 Professor, Ecology Plant physiological ecology
Global environmental change
Heath-shock proteins
Hintz, William x5079 Assistant Professor Freshwater ecology and conservation
Invasive species
Fish and fisheries
Environmental pollution and policy
Krantz, David E. x2662 Associate Professor, Geology Coastal and marine geology
Quaternary geology
Martin-Hayden, James M. x2634 Associate Professor, Geology General hydrogeology
Hydrogeologic field methods
Numerical groundwater modeling
Mayer, Christine M. x4570 Professor, Ecology Aquatic ecology
Invertebrate-fish predator-prey interactions
Organism-habitat modification
Introduced species
Moorhead, Daryl L. x2017 Professor, Ecology Systems ecology
Qian, Song x4230 Associate Professor Environmental and ecological statistics
Bayesian hierarchical methods
Water quality and watershed modeling
Stream ecosystem response to disturbance
Refsnider, Jeanine x2664 Associate Professor Vertebrate zoology
Evolutionary ecology
Conservation biology
Sigler, Von x2897 Professor, Environmental Microbiology
Associate Chair Pathogen Ecology
Public Health Microbiology
Spanbauer, Trisha x2823 Assistant Professor Paleolimnology
Diatom ecology and evolution
Ecosystem resilience
Streby, Henry M. x8451 Associate Professor Avian ecology
Wildlife management and conservation
Ecological analysis
Weintraub, Michael N. x2585 Professor, Soil Ecology Soil ecology
Ecosystem ecology
Plant-soil interactions
Arctic ecology


Name Title Appointment Type
DeBruyne, Robin L. Adjunct Assistant Research Professor of Ecology in DES/UToledo Prestige
Muller, Barry Adjunct Research Assistant Professor in DES/UToledo Prestige
Schultz, Jack C. Adjunct Research Professor of Ecology in DES/UToledo Prestige
Turner, John W. Professor, Department of Physiology and Pharmacology, University of Toledo College of Medicine, Health Science Campus; Interest in coral reef ecology  Another UToledo Department
Bunnell, David Research Fisheries Scientist with the U. S. Geological Survey, USGS and Adjunct Research Assistant Professor of Ecology in DES/UToledo; Specialty: Fish Ecology  Research/DES and Lake Erie Center
Kocovsky, Patrick M. Research Fishery Biologist with the U. S. Geological Survey, USGS and Adjunct Research Assistant Professor of Ecology in DES/UToledo; Specialty: Fish Ecology Research/DES and Lake Erie Center
Ludsin, Stuart A. Assistant Professor of Biology, Ohio State University and Adjunct Research Assistant Professor of Ecology in DES/UToledo; Specialty: Fish Ecology Research/DES and Lake Erie Center
Pritt, Jeremy Research. U.S. Geological Survey and Adjunct research Assistant Professor of Ecology in DES/UToledo Research/DES and Lake Erie Center
Roseman, Edward Research Fisheries Scientist with the U. S. Geological Survey, USGS and Adjunct Research Assistant Professor of Ecology in DES/UToledo; Specialty: Fish Ecology Research/DES and Lake Erie Center
Boldt, Jennifer Research Horticulturist, USDA-Agricultural Research Service; Adjunct Research Assistant Professor in DES/UToledo Research/DES and USDA - ARS at UToledo

Emeritus and RETIRED Faculty

Name Title Specialty Email
Brown, V. Max Retired Associate Professor Igneous and metamorphic petrology
Dean, Stuart L. Professor Emeritus Structural geology, geologic mapping  
Glatzer, Louis Professor Emeritus Microbiology  
Goldman, Stephen L. Professor Emeritus Plant Genetics, Genetic Engineering in Plants, Phytoremediation
Gottgens, Johan (Hans) Professor Emeritus Wetlands ecology, paleolimnology
Harrell, James A. Professor Emeritus, Archaeological Geology Archaeological geology of Egypt and other Middle Eastern countries
Spongberg, Alison L. Retired Professor Environmental geochemistry of sediments and water; fate and transport of hazardous contaminants
Stierman, Donald Professor Emeritus Earthquake seismology, applied geophysics, Central America
Tramer, Elliot J. Professor Emeritus Population dynamics of vertebrates and plants, avian ecology

Graduate Students

Name Major Degree
(in progress)
Adebayo, Moses Geology M.S. 
Amidon, Zachary Biology - ecology concentration Ph.D. 
Armstrong, Alyssa Biology - ecology concentration M.S. 
Beecher, Amber Biology - ecology concentration M.S. 
Carter, Sarah Biology - ecology concentration M.S. 
Casaus, Maureen Geology M.S. 
Clifton, Ian Biology - ecology concentration Ph.D. 
Day, Donnie Biology - ecology concentration Ph.D. 
Emmanuel, Efemena Geology M.S. 
Fischer, Silas Biology - ecology concentration Ph.D. 
Holley, Maureen "Mo" Geology M.S. 
Huber, Eric Biology - ecology concentration M.S. 
Hunter, Robert Biology - ecology concentration Ph.D. 
Jaffe, Sabrina Biology - ecology concentration Ph.D. 
Kostic, Emina Biology - ecology concentration  M.S. 
Kramer, Gunnar Biology - ecology concentration  Ph.D. 
Lang, Kaitlen Biology - ecology concentration  M.S. 
Lindsay, Andrea Biology - ecology concentration  Ph.D. 
Madden, Paige Biology - ecology concentration  M.S. 
Margida, Michaela Biology - ecology concentration  Ph.D. 
McKenna, Jorden Biology - ecology concentration  M.S. 
McMillan, Cameron Biology - ecology concentration  Ph.D. 
Miah, Imtiaz Biology - ecology concentration  Ph.D. 
Montz, Carson Biology - ecology concentration  M.S. 
Moots, Garrett Biology - ecology concentration  M.S. 
Ogundeji, Seyi Geology M.S. 
Ogunkoya, Akinwale Geology M.S. 
Okoko, George Geology M.S. 
Otchere, Eugene Geology M.S. 
Otten, Joshua Biology - ecology concentration  Ph.D. 
Paret, Taylor Biology - ecology concentration  Ph.D. 
Peterson, Polly Biology - ecology concentration  M.S. 
Samsen, Brian Geology M.S. 
Thomas, Michael Biology - ecology concentration  M.S. 
Wilmoth, Bayley Biology - ecology concentration  Ph.D. 
Yang, Touhue Biology - ecology concentration  M.S. 
Zych, Thomas Geology M.S. 
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