Department of Environmental Sciences

Faculty: Richard Becker

Richard Becker

Ph.D. Western Michigan University 2008

Research and Teaching Interests

Environmental applications of remote sensing and GIS, including:
  • Land subsidence
  • Toxic algal blooms
  • Groundwater resources

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Dr. Becker researchAt the Environmental Remote Sensing Lab, we undertake research which incorporates an interdisciplinary research approach (remote sensing, geochemistry, hydrologic modeling, and field techniques) to investigate a wide range of geological and environmental problems including the assessment of responses of natural systems to climatic and human activities.

Examples of these include: Identifying and mapping potential harmful algal blooms from satellite images, and examining impacts of land use change on blooms and other systems in the Laurentian Great Lakes. In addition we study the impact on the Nubian aquifer in Northeastern Africa and Nile watershed of the construction of the Aswan High Dam, from changing recharge in the system to changing subsidence in the Nile Delta, to investigating the effects climate change has had on this system.

To do this we utilize a variety remote sensing and GIS techniques to investigate water resources and the impacts that human use may have on them.

More information: Dr. Becker's lab webpage.


Recent Publications

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Othman A., Sultan, M., Becker, R., Alsefry, S., Alharbi, T., Alharbi, H., Gebremichael, E., Fathy, K., 2018, Depletion of Fossil Aquifers and Land Deformation, Surveys in Geophysics, doi:10.1007/s10712-017-9458-7

Ortiz, J.D., Avouris, D., Schiller, S., Luvall, J., Lekki, J., Tokars, R., Anderson, R., Shuchman, R., Sayers, M., Becker, R., 2017, Intercomparison of Empirical Line Method Vicarious Hyperspectral Reflectance Calibration Methods, Front. Mar. Sci. 4:296. doi: 10.3389/fmars.2017.00296

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Chu, H.*, Chen, J., Gottgens, J.F., Ouyang Z.*, 2014, John, R., Czajkowski, K., Becker, R.H., Net ecosystem exchanges of CH4 and CO2 at a temperate freshwater marsh and a cropland, Journal of Geophysical Research-Biogeosciences, doi:10.1002/2013JG002520

Becker, R.H., 2014, The Stalled Recovery of the Iraqi Marshes, Remote Sensing, v6, no2, pp1260-1274, doi:10.3390/rs6021260

Zmijewski, K.*, Becker, R.H., Estimating the effects of anthropogenic and climate change on water balance in the Aral Sea watershed using GRACE: 2003-2012, Earth Interactions, v18, no3, doi:10.1175/2013EI000537.1

Ouyang Z.*, Becker, R.H., Shaver, W.**, Chen, J., 2014, Evaluating the Sensitivity of Wetlands to Climate Change with Remote Sensing Techniques, Hydrological Processes, v28, no4, 1703-1712, doi:10.1002/hyp.9685



  • EEES 1050 ENVIRONMENTAL HAZARDS [3 hours] Introduction to hazardous geological processes and materials: volcanic eruptions, earthquakes, floods, ground subsidence and collapse, landslides, coastal flooding and erosion and others. Causes and risk mitigation are discussed. [Fall, Spring, Summer]. Natural Sciences core course. (Spring and Summer are offered in a Distance Learning format.)

  • EEES 2100 FUNDAMENTALS OF GEOLOGY [4 hours] Consideration of earth materials and the dynamic external and internal processes active on earth; the physical and biological history of the earth. [Fall, Spring] Prerequisite: CHEM 1090 or 1230.




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