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Weintraub and McMillan

Professor Michael Weintraub and Cameron McMillan (Ph.D. student) were highlighted for their research in a recent Nature Communications journal article!

Read the full article: Labile carbon limits late winter microbial activity near Arctic treeline.

The Department of Environmental Sciences (DES) is an interdisciplinary group of ecologists and geologists whose research and teaching interests address human impacts on the environment, earth surface processes, and ecosystem science. We are committed to providing all students with an excellent educational experience that includes real-life problem solving, and field and laboratory work.

Our department was founded in 2000 with the primary goal of expanding interdisciplinary research on the Earth and our environment. In 2008 we were accepted into the prestigious Association of Ecosystem Research Centers.

Careers in the Environmental Sciences
Conservation Scientists & Foresters
Environmental Scientists & Specialists
Zoologists & Wildlife Biologists

Median Salary/Year

How long does it take?
4-year degree program in DES!
4-year degree program in DES!
4-year degree program in DES!
4-year degree program in DES!

DES Undergrad DegreesUndergraduate Degree Programs

DES offers BS degrees in Biology (ecology and organismal), Geology and Environmental Science, as well as a BA degree in Environmental Studies. Our emphasis is on coursework and research opportunities that focus on earth processes and human impacts on terrestrial and aquatic systems.

We offer an undergraduate curriculum that draws on the integration of environmentally related courses in natural science, social, political, philosophical and economic disciplines. We strive to provide students with a basic understanding of natural processes as well as marketable, real-life skills. Undergraduate students have the opportunity to participate in research while working with a faculty mentor and can earn course and internship credit, as well as valuable hands-on experience.

 DES Grad DegreesGraduate Degree Programs

DES offers MS degrees in Biology (ecology and organismal emphasis) and Geology (earth surface processes emphasis) and a PhD degree in Biology (ecology emphasis), both with competitive assistant-ship stipends and tuition waivers for students.

Each year approximately 30 graduate students receive training in our department; approximately 60 percent of these students are supported by extramural grants. We provide both MS and PhD degrees and strive to give students the training they need to go on to careers in research, natural resource management, other environmental fields, and industry. Students work closely with a faculty advisor and committee. Graduate students become part of a laboratory group that provides an environment of peer-enriched learning and experience.

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