Department of Environmental Sciences


The Department of Environmental Sciences is an interdisciplinary group of ecologists and geologists whose research and teaching interests address human impacts on the environment, earth surface processes and ecosystem science. The two main areas of focus in our department include biology: organismal/ecology and geology: surficial/environmental. We are committed to providing you with an excellent educational experience that includes real-life problem solving, and field and laboratory work.

average annual starting salaries for environmental careers

Conservation Scientists and Foresters

Environmental Scientists and Specialists


Zoologists and Wildlife Biologists

Environmental Sciences - A search for solutions

Make an impact on the future of our planet. Learn about the processes that shape our natural environment and solve real-life problems.

  • World-class faculty — ecologists and geologists who are leaders in teaching, research and service
  • Leading-edge research   human impacts on the environment, earth surface processes, ecosystem science, aquatic ecology and more
  • Hands-on experience — field work, internships, labs, student organizations, volunteer work and collaboration with industry
  • State-of-the-art facilities — Lake Erie Center, Plant Science Research Center and Stranahan Arboretum

Academic Degrees


  • B.S. in Biology (ecology and organismal concentration)
  • B.S. in Environmental Sciences
  • B.A. in Environmental Studies

Undergraduate Majors


  • M.S. in Biology (ecology and organismal emphasis)
  • M.S. in Geology (earth surface processes emphasis)
  • Ph.D. in Biology (ecology emphasis)

Graduate Programs


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Ysabelle Yrad UToledo Class of 2020MEET YSABELLE YRAD

Class of 2020, Biology - Ecology and Organismal

"I enjoyed participating in environmental stewardship programs on campus, such as belonging to a group that developed a new native garden outside of Carlson Library. As an education and outreach intern at UToledo’s Lake Erie Center, I’ve been able to share my enthusiasm for ecology with many people. I am also grateful for the opportunity to present my work internationally, as a finalist for the Biodesign Challenge last year in NYC. This is why the best memories I have at UToledo is when I’ve been able to demonstrate what I know about the environment and inspire others to take interest in the nature around them. From the experiences I had as an undergraduate at UToledo, I feel empowered to continue working on the sustainability problems we face in a society."

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