Department of Environmental Sciences

Faculty: David Krantz

David Krantz 
Associate Professor of Geology
ph.d. university of southern carolina 1988
Research and Teaching Interests:
  • Coastal and Marine Geology
  • Oceanography
  • Quaternary Geology
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 David E. Krantz
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  • EEES - 1010 PHYSICAL GEOLOGY [3 hours]
    Introduction to classification and origins of rocks and minerals, surficial processes and landscape development, groundwater and other natural resources, geologic structures, earthquakes and the earth's interior, plate tectonics, and geologic time. No credit if EEES 2100 is taken. [Fall, Spring, Summer] General Education Natural Sciences core course.
    Physical, chemical, geological and biological nature of oceans and ocean basins. Ocean resources, circulation, climate and the hydrologic cycle. Fresh water resources and resource management. [Spring]
  • EEES - 4200 QUATERNARY GEOLOGY [3 hours]
    To provide understanding of such cyclical events as climate change, sea level fluctuations, vegetation change and ice sheet paleogeography during the Quaternary Period and to explore future changes for planet Earth. [Even springs] Prerequisite: EEES 3100 or consent of instructor.

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