Department of Mathematics and Statistics

Honors in Mathematics

Mathematics is a field unlike any other. It provides a foundation for organized and critical thinking that prepares you for any career.

Mathematics is an essential science and is becoming more and more useful in today's increasingly complex world. The majority of students in our program go on to graduate school or other professional degree programs. Those who enter the job market find positions in a wide variety of fields.


Students are normally admitted to departmental honors after completing honors sections of: MATH 1850, MATH 1860, MATH 2850 and MATH 2860. Students may also be admitted to the program at the discretion of the Math Majors Committee and should consult the departmental undergraduate advisor.

Graduation with honors in Mathematics depends on doing a substantial amount of work in mathematics beyond the requirements for a bachelor's degree. Independent reading and an expository paper on a topic not usually covered in a course is required. Departmental honors will not ordinarily be granted without a GPA in mathematics exceeding 3.5 and usually indicates that in the opinion of the Mathematics Majors Committee the student has shown substantial promise for a future career in mathematics. The student who wishes to do independent reading should consult with either the Honors Adviser or an instructor of his or her choice. Credit for independent reading is obtained by registering for MATH 3920.

Those students who are interested in writing an expository paper on some topic of their own choice should consult with an instructor who has an interest in the subject and sign up for MATH 4920. The actual program of the student is determined in consultation with the Honors Adviser.

Last Updated: 6/27/22