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A number of internships are available. The following sites are a place to start looking.


What can you do with a degree in mathematics or statistics? has offered the following rankings:

    • Data Scientist #1 Best Job of 2019 (median salary: $114,520)
    • Statistician #2 Best Job of 2019 (median salary: $84,760)
    • Mathematician #8 Best Job of 2019 (median salary: $84,760)
    • Actuary #10 Best Job of 2019 (median salary: $101,560)
The following sites will give you some additional ideas about what careers are available to someone holding a degree in Mathematics or Statistics.



Fellowships and Research Programs

And if you want to get involved in teaching and/or in research ...

Graduate Programs

And, if you would like to continue your Mathematical or Statistical studies in graduate school ...

Department Resources

University Resources

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Miscellaneous Resources

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