The Writing Center



The UT Writing Center supports student writers in all disciplines. During a session, peer tutors, teaching assistants, and professional tutors engage in conversation with writers, focusing on ideas, organization, development, argument, synthesis, and writers’ concerns.

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Location: lower level of Carlson Library, Room 0130


How to Schedule an Appointment

Writing Center appointments are scheduled online: 

Click here to schedule an appointment

1. Register for an account
2. Schedule your appointment

Select the correct schedule type when making an appointment:

  • "Undergraduate" for associate's and bachelor's students
  • "Graduate" for master's and doctoral students 
  • "Law School" for students at the UT Law School
  • "Health Science Campus" for students on the HSC
  • "TRIO" for TRIO SSS students 

 Walk-In Writing Center

Walk-in sessions (M-F, 3-5) should be thought of as “minute clinics,” meaning they are designed for quick questions that take 5-10 minutes to address. For example, citation questions or questions about a single sentence or short paragraph, such as thesis statements or conclusions, are appropriate issues for walk-in hours. Reading over multi-page research papers, however, is not an appropriate issue. For those kind of assignments, we ask that you schedule a 30-minue or 1-hour appointment at

Last Updated: 9/9/19