The Writing Center

Mission Statement

pencil tip touching a piece of paperThe Writing Center at the University of Toledo provides one-to-one assistance to all members of the academic community who want to discuss and improve their writing.

Guiding Philosophies

  • We believe that writing is a recursive activity involving several steps that include generating ideas, organizing thoughts, developing a first draft, rewriting, and editing.
  • We believe in non-directive tutorial styles that provide the opportunity for writers to maintain ownership of their own papers; writing tutors serve as an audience rather than editors or proofreaders.
  • We believe in the importance of being responsive to the individual needs of a student at whatever cognitive level s/he may be as a writer.
  • We believe that writers develop writing skills best when they are in a supportive environment surrounded by other writers who seek to encourage clear expression of ideas.
  • We believe that writers should learn to use the vocabulary, organization, and format specific to the academic discipline in which they are writing.
Last Updated: 3/23/15