Department of Physics and Astronomy

Recent Ph.D.'s in Materials Science/Condensed Matter Physics

Name Ph.D. Received Dissertation Title Adviser Employment
Geethika Liyanage 2021 November

Improving Performance In Cadmium Telluride Solar Cells: From Fabrication To Understanding the Pathway Towards 25% Efficiency

M. Heben First Solar
Vijaya Adhikari 2021 July

Transition Metal Nitrides in M4N structure and TiN-ScN and TiN-YN Alloy System: A Computational Investigation by First-Principles Approach

S. Khare Department of Defense
Kamala Subedi 2021 June

Development and Application of Transparent p-type Back Contact Layer for Bifacial CdTe Solar Cells

R. Ellingson First Solar
Maria Patmiou 2021 May

Percolation with Plasticity Materials and their Neuromorphic Application

V. Karpov  
Biswas Subedi 2020 November

Sub-Gap Absorption and Performance Losses in Mixed Cation Perovskites for Solar Cells

N. Podraza PVIC
Chongwen Li 2020 November

Normal-, low-, and wide-bandgap perovskites and their applications in solar cells

Y. Yan University of Toledo
Rasha Awni 2020 September

Characterization of electrical properties of thin-film solar cells

Y. Yan University of Toledo
Niraj Shrestha 2020 August Optoelectronic Properties of CdSexTe1-x, CuInSe2 and Perovskites for Photovoltaic Applications R. Ellingson NP photonics
Fadhil K. Alfadhili 2020 May Development of Back Contacts for CdTe Thin Films Solar Cells M. Heben  
Osama Oudat 2020 April

Tin Whisker Statistics and Field-Induced Accelerated Development

V. Karpov  Westerwood Global
Ramez Hosseinian Ahangharnejahd 2019 December

Fabrication of Perovskite Solar Cells & Applications in Multijunction Configurations

M. Heben Intel Corporation
Poudel, Tilak 2019 December

Study of Novel Metal Oxide Thin Films for Photoelectrochemical (PEC) Water Splitting Applications -- Hydrogen Fuel

X. Deng Intel Corporation
Adhikari, Dipendra 2019 December

Optical and Microstructural Properties of Sputtered Thin Films for Photovoltaic Applications

N.J. Podraza Intel Corporation
Uprety, Prakash 2019 August

A Non-Contacting Optical Probe of Electrical Transport Properties:  Applications for Photovoltaics

N.J. Podraza  Intel Corporation
Niraula, Dipesh 2019 August

Physics and applications of conductive filaments in electronic structures: from metal whiskers to solid state memory

V.G. Karpov  University of Michigan, Dept. of Radiology, Physics Division
Subedi, Indra 2019 May

Optical Evaluation and Simulation of Photovoltaic Devices for Thermal Management

N.J. Podraza Postdoctoral Research Associate, University of Toledo
Sabbar, Ehsan 2018 December

Defects and Island Nucleation in Materials: Kinetic Monte Carlo, Rate Equation Theory, and Temperature-Accelerated Dynamics Simulations

J.G. Amar  Assistant Professor, Al Anbar University, Iraq
Ghimire, Kiran 2017 December

Application of Spectroscopic Ellipsometry:  From Single Crystal Gd3Ga5O12 to Polycrystalline Perovskite Thin Films

N.J. Podraza  Sony Corporation
Tan, Xinxuan 2017 December

Applications of Multichannel Spectroscopic Ellipsometry for CdTe Photovoltaics: From Window Layers to Back Contacts

R.W. Collins  NPI Engineer, MiaSole, Santa Clara, CA
Watthage, Suneth 2017 December

Solution Process Fabrication of Hybrid Organic-Inorganic Perovskites & Back Interface Engineering of Cadmium Telluride Solar Cells

M.J. Heben  Intel Corporation
Yu, Yue 2017 December

Thin Film Solar Cells with Earth Abundant Elements: from Copper Zinc Tin Sulfide to Organic-Inorganic Hybrid Halide Perovskite

Yanfa Yan  Intel Corporation
Junda, Maxwell 2017 May

Spectroscopic Ellipsometry as a Versatile, Non-Contact Probe of Optical, Electrical, and Structural Properties in Thin Films: Applications in Photovoltaics

N.J. Podraza  Covalent Metrology
Pradhan, Puja 2017 May

Real Time Spectroscopic Ellipsometry Analysis of the Three Stages of Cu(In1-xGax)Se2 co-Evaporation

R.W. Collins Postdoctoral Research Associate, University of Toledo
Cimaroli, Alexander 2016 December

Development of Deposition and Characterization Systems for Thin Film Solar Cells

Yanfa Yan  Calibration Laboratory
Liu, Zhi 2016 December

Transition Metal Nitrides and Their Solid Solutions: A First-Principles Approach with Cluster Expansion Computational Predictive Models

S.V. Khare  Senior Software Engineer, Bloomberg LP
Ibdah, Abdel-Rahman 2016 August

Optical Physics of Cu(In,Ga)Se2 Solar Cells and Their Layer Components

R.W. Collins  Samsung Semiconductor, Austin, TX
Song, Zhaoning 2016 August

Solution Processed High Efficiency Thin Film Solar Cells: from Copper Indium Chalcogenides to Methylammonium Lead Halides

M.J. Heben  Research Professor in Wright Center for Photovoltaics
Gautam, Laxmi Karki 2016 May

Spectroscopic Ellipsometry Studies of Thin Film Si:H Materials in Photovoltaic Applications from the Infrared to Ultraviolet

N.J. Podraza Intel Corporation
Huang, Zhiquan 2016 May

Spectroscopic Ellipsometry Studies of Thin Film a-Si:H/nc-Si:H Micromorph Solar Cell Fabrication in the p-i-n Superstrate Configuration

R.W. Collins  Key Account Technologist, Lam Research, Fremont, CA
Roland, Paul 2015 December

Charge Carrier Processes in Photovoltaic Materials and Devices: Lead Sulfide Quantum Dots and Cadmium Telluride

R.J. Ellingson Test Engineer at SolAero Technologies Corporation
Haugen, Neale 2015 August

Spectroscopic Studies of Doping and Charge Transfer in Single Walled Carbon Nanotubes and PbS Quantum Dots


R.J. Ellingson

Assistant Professor at Zhejiang Normal University, China


Bhandari, Khagendra 2015 May

Characterization and Application of Colloidal Nanocrystalline Materials for Advanced Photovoltaics

R.J. Ellingson  Visiting Assistant Professor at Ohio Northern University
Koirala, Prakash 2015 May

Multichannel Spectroscopic Ellipsometry for CdTe Photovoltaics: from Materials and Interfaces to Solar Cells

R.W. Collins  Process Development Engineer, Intel Corporation, Albuquerque, NM
Sainju, Deepak 2015 May

Spectroscopic Ellipsometry Studies of Ag and ZnO Thin Films and Their Interfaces for Thin Film Photovoltaics

R.W. Collins  Assistant Professor, University of Connecticut
Shi, Tingting 2014 December

Optoelectronic and defect physics in earth abundant photovoltaic materials: First-principles calculations

Yanfa Yan  Jinan University, China
Hubartt, Brad 2014 December

Nucleation and Growth, Defect Structure, and Dynamical Behavior of Nanostructured Materials

J.G. Amar The Boeing Company, Charleston, SC
Aryal, Puruswottam 2014 August

Optical and Photovoltaic Properties of Copper Indium-Gallium
Diselenide Materials and Solar Cells

R. W. Collins  Process Engineer, Global Solar Energy, Tucson, AZ
Roehl, Jason 2014 May A Theoretical Study of Bulk and Surface Diffusion Processes for Semiconductor Materials Using First Principles Calculations S. Khare  Midwest MicroDevices
Khanal, Rajendra Raj 2014 May Carbon Single Wall Nanotubes: Low Barrier, Cu- Free Back Contact to CdTe Based Solar Cells  M. Heben Assistant Professor of Physics, University of Pittsburgh, Johnstown
Mahabaduge, Hasitha 2013 December Influence of a Front Buffer Layer on the Performance of Flexible CdS/CdTe Solar Cells  A. D. Compaan Postdoctoral Research Fellow, National Renewable Energy Laboratory
Dahal, Lila Raj 2013 May Spectroscopic Ellipsometry Studies of Thin Film a-Si:H Solar Cell Fabrication by Multichamber Deposition in the n-i-p Substrate Configuration R. W. Collins Staff Scientist, Pilkington North America
Sestak, Michelle 2012 August Spectroscopic Ellipsometry Studies of CdTe/CdS Thin Films and Photovoltaic Devices R. W. Collins Applications Scientist, HORIBA Scientific, Edison NJ
Nawarange, Amruta 2011 Optical emission spectroscopy during sputter deposition of CdTe solar cells and CuTe-based back contacts A. D. Compaan Research Scientist, NCPRE, IIT,  Bombay, India
Paudel, Naba Raj 2011 Stability Issues in Sputtered CdS/CdTe Solar Cells A. D. Compaan Postdoctoral Research Fellow, Dept. of Physics and Astronomy (PVIC), U. Toledo
Little, Scott 2011 Enhancement of Cu(In,Ga)Se2 Solar Cells and Materials via the Incorporation of Silver S. Marsillac Postdoctoral Research Associate, University of Arkansas
 Kryukov,Yevgen 2011 Island Nucleation and Growth in Epitaxial, Amorphous, and Nanoparticle Thin-Films J.G. Amar Lecturer, Dept. of Physics and Astronomy, U. Toledo
 Simon,Mark 2011 Second Phase Filamentation and Bulk Conduction in Amorphous Thin Films V. Karpov Postdoctoral Research Fellow, Dept. of Physics and Astronomy, U. Toledo
 Ranjan, Vikash 2011 Enhancement of the Deposition Processes of Cu(In,Ga)Se2 and CdS Thin Films via In-situ and Ex-situ Measurements for Solar Cell Application S. Marsillac Pilkington, Toledo, OH
 Nardone, Marco 2011 Theories of Charge Transport and Nucleation in Disordered Systems V. Karpov Assistant Professor, Dept. of Environmental Sciences, Bowling Green State University
 Chen, Jie 2010 Spectroscopic Ellipsometry Studies of II-VI Semiconductor Materials and Solar Cells R. W. Collins R&D Process Engineer, Guardian Industries Corp.
 Li, Jian 2010 Real Time Spectroscopic Ellipsometry Studies of Thin Film Materials and Structures for Photovoltaic Applications R. W. Collins Principal Scientist, Halliburton Industries
Khatri, Himal 2009 New Deposition Process of Cu(In,Ga)Se2 Thin Films for Solar Cell Applications S. X. Marsillac PV Research Scientist, Ferro Corp., Vista, California
Vasko, Anthony 2009 August Issues in the Development of All-Sputtered AZO/CdS/CdTe Flexible Solar Cells A. D. Compaan Postdoctoral Research Fellow, Dept. of Physics and Astronomy and Wright Center for PVIC, U. Toledo
Nandipati, Giridhar 2009 August Kinetic Monte Carlo simulations of submonolayer and multilayer epitaxial growth over extended time- and length-scales J. G. Amar Postdoctoral Research Associate, U. of Central Florida, Orlando, FL
Plotnikov, Victor 2009 August Fabrication of ultra-thin CdS/CdTe solar cells by magnetron sputtering A. D. Compaan PV Research Scientist, Lucintech
Liyanage, Chinthaka 2008 December Specific property analysis of thin-film, semiconductors for effective optical logical operations B. Ullrich (BGSU) Assistant Professor of Physics, Lynchburg College (VA)
Attygalle, Dinesh 2008 December Electrochemical deposition of transparent conducting oxides for photovoltaic applications X. Deng Postdoctoral Research Associate, U. Toledo
Borovikov, Valery 2008 August Multi-scale Simulations of Thin-Film Metal Epitaxial Growth J. G. Amar Postdoctoral Research Associate, School of Physics, Georgia Institute of Technology, Atlanta, GA
Cao, Xinmin 2008 August Development and Optimization of High-Efficiency Thin-Film Silicon Based Solar Cells Using VHF PECVD Techniques X. Deng Senior Engineer, Xunlight Corp., Toledo, OH
Shi, Feng 2008 August Nucleation and growth in materials and on surfaces : kinetic Monte Carlo simulations and rate equation theory J. G. Amar Assistant Professor and Director of Solar Energy Program, Department of Computer and Engineering Technology, Northern New Mexico College
Attygalle, Lilani 2008 May Theoretical Modeling of Polycrystalline Thin-Film Photovoltaics V. Karpov Instructor, Dept. of Physics & Astronomy, Bowling Green State U. (OH)
Mitra, Mukut 2008 May Electro-structural coupling in chalcogenide thin film devices: photovoltaics and phase change memory V. Karpov Post-doctoral Researcher, Materials Science and Engineering, U. of Pennsylvania
Podraza, Nikolas 2008 May Real time spectroscopic ellipsometry of the growth and phase evolution of thin film Si1-xGex:H R. W. Collins Associate Professor, University of Toledo
Yang, Xiesen 2007 December Study of transparent conductive oxides and back reflectors and nano-crystalline silicon based thin film, solar cells X. Deng Research Scientist, Applied Materials, Santa Clara, CA
Parikh, Viral 2007 December Studies of two-terminal and four-terminal polycrystalline thin film tandem solar cells based on II-VI materials A. D. Compaan Staff Scientist, First Solar, Perrysburg, OH
Liu, XiangXin 2005 December Extended X-ray Absorption Fine Structure (EXAFS) and Photoluminescence Studies of CdTe Material A. D. Compaan Research Assistant Prof., P&A Dept., of Pysics and Astronomy, U. of Toledo.
Drayton, Jennifer 2005 December Studies of rf sputtered ZnTe:N and CdS for photovoltaic applications A. D. Compaan Last at:  Primestar Solar, Longmont CO
Du, Wenhui 2005 December Study of p-Type and Intrinsic Materials for Amorphous Silicon Based Solar Cells X. Deng Research Scientist, Xunlight Corp., Toledo, OH
Chen, Yu-Sheng 2004 May Transferability of Electronic Structure of Four Energetic Materials by using Single Crystal and High Resolution X-ray Diffraction Experiments A. Pinkerton (UT, Chem.) Research Associate, Advanced Photon Source, Argonne National Lab.
Povolny, Henry 2003 May Amorphous and Microcrystalline Silicon Photovoltaic Devices Deposited by Hot Wire Chemical Vapor Deposition X. Deng Lam Research, Fremont CA
Yu, Jianguo 2003 August Multiscale Simulations of Thin-Film Growth J. G. Amar Staff Scientist, Idaho National Laboratory
Shvydka, Diana 2002 May Physical Characterization of CdTe/CdS Photovoltaics: Defects, Fields, and Micrononuniformities A. D. Compaan Assistant Professor in the Department of Radiation Oncology, The University of Toledo (Health Sciences Campus) 
Matulionis, Ilvydas 2002 May Superstrate and Substrate Type CdTe Solar Cells and Monolithic Integration of Photovoltaic Modules A. D. Compaan MVSystems / Colorado School of Mines
Grecu, Dan 1999 August Photoluminescence Study of Cu-doped CdTe and Related Stability Issues for CdS/CdTe Solar-Cell Devices A. D. Compaan Vice President, Wachovia
Last Updated: 6/27/22