Department of Physics and Astronomy


Jon Bjorkman

Jon E. Bjorkman, Professor
Ph.D. University of Wisconsin, 1992
Theory of stellar winds and disks, radiation transfer and simulations

Karen Bjorkman

Karen S. Bjorkman, Distinguished University Professor;
Provost and Executive Vice President for Academic Affairs
Ph.D. University of Colorado, 1989
Circumstellar disks, polarimetry and stellar winds

Rupali Chandar

Rupali Chandar, Professor
Ph.D. Johns Hopkins University, 2000
Stellar populations, star and galaxy formation and evolution

Michael Cushing

Michael C. Cushing, Professor
Ph.D. University of Hawaii, 2004
Low-mass stars and brown dwarfs

Anne Medling

Anne Medling, Assistant Professor
Ph.D. University of California, Santa Cruz, 2013
Black Hole Growth and feedback

S. Thomas Megeath

S. Thomas Megeath, Distinguished University Professor
Ph.D. Cornell University, 1993
Planet and star formation

J.D. Smith

J.D. Smith, Professor
Ph.D. Cornell University, 2001
Infrared and extragalactic astronomy

Eli Visbal

Eli Visbal, Assistant Professor
Ph.D. Harvard University, 2013
Galaxy evolution and cosmology theory/simulations


Emeritus Faculty

 Lawrence Anderson-Huang

Lawrence S. Anderson-Huang, Professor of Astronomy Emeritus
Ph.D. University of California at Berkeley, 1977
Theory of stellar atmospheres

Bernard Bopp

Bernard W Bopp, Professor of Astronomy Emeritus
Ph.D. University of Texas, 1973
Stellar surface phenomena and teaching methodology

Steven Federman

Steven R. Federman, Professor of Astronomy Emeritus
Ph.D. New York University, 1979
Interstellar matter

Philip James

Philip B. James, Distinguished University Professor Emeritus
Ph.D. University of Wisconsin, 1966
Planetary astronomy

Nancy Morrison

Nancy D. Morrison, Professor of Astronomy and Planetarium Director Emerita
Ph.D. University of Hawaii, 1975
Stellar spectroscopy: massive stars

Adolf Witt

Adolf N. Witt, Distinguished University Professor of Astronomy Emeritus
Ph.D. University of Chicago, 1967
Interstellar matter and spectroscopy of nanoparticles

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