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Graduate Funding

The University of Toledo College of Nursing is pleased to offer support for students seeking graduate degrees in our college. 

Graduate Assistantships
Nurse Education Assistance Loan Program (NEALP)
Nurse Education Funds Inc.
Nurse Faculty Loan Program (NFLP) Information
UToledo Graduate School

Graduate Assistantships

The College of Nursing offers Graduate Assistantships (GAs) to promising scholars enrolled in full-time graduate study and in good standing in the College of Nursing. These assistantships include tuition remission for full-time, in-state graduate study plus a monthly stipend.

In return for this tuition and stipend support, GAs dedicate a commensurate amount of time to supporting the scholarly mission of the College of Nursing. In exchange for full-time tuition and maximum stipend, GAs are expected to dedicate 20 hours per week in service to the college. This service may include:

  • Assisting faculty with data collection, data input and analysis
  • Writing drafts of abstracts, proposals and manuscripts
  • Completing literature reviews
  • Constructing posters and presentations, and
  • Supporting various teaching activities of the faculty.

The term of these positions are September 1 – May 30, and positions may be renewable for up to three years. The application deadline for the September 1 start date is May. Apply today online.


Eileen Walsh, Ph.D., APRN, RN-BC, FAHA


  Nurse Education Assistance Loan Program (NEALP)

The Nurse Education Assistance Loan Program (NEALP) provides financial assistance to Ohio students enrolled (or accepted for enrollment) for at least half-time study in an approved Ohio nurse education program. NEALP provides funding for nurses who intend to serve as instructors or students who intend to serve as nurses after graduation.


  Nurse Education Funds Inc.

Nurse Education Funds Inc. is an independent, nonprofit organization which grants scholarships to registered nurses by raising contributions from corporations, foundations, nurses and individuals interested in the advancement of nursing. Nurse Education Fund Scholarships are given for a full academic year and are non-renewable.

Completed applications, including all support material, must be received online no later than February 1. NEF scholarships are competitive. The number of awards and the amount of each depend upon available funds. There is a small, non-refundable processing fee of $20 for each application.


  Nurse Faculty Loan Program (NFLP) Information

The legislative authority governing the NFLP seeks to prepare and train qualified nurse educators to fill faculty vacancies and increase the number of trained nurses entering the workforce. This is accomplished by supporting schools of nursing that prepare students to work as nurse faculty and help train the future nursing workforce.

Students who receive NFLP funds can be enrolled full- or part-time and can receive annual loan support for up to five years. Following graduation from the program of study, students are expected to obtain full-time faculty employment within 12 months of graduation, and are then eligible for partial loan cancellation over a four year period. 

Students must:

  • Be enrolled full- or part-time in an eligible advanced education nursing degree program (master’s or doctoral) that offers an education component(s) to prepare them as qualified nurse faculty.
  • Enroll in and complete the specified educator course(s) for the degree program prior to graduating from the program.
  • Maintain enrollment for a minimum of two consecutive terms/semesters (either full-time or part-time) during an academic year that NFLP loan supported is awarded.

An NFLP loan may not exceed $35,500 per student for any academic period (and such amounts shall be adjusted to provide for a cost-of-attendance increase for the yearly loan rate and the aggregate loan) and not to exceed 5 years per student.

The post-nursing master's certificate program is ineligible for NFLP funding. The NFLP legislation established that loans may be made to students pursuing a course of study in an advanced degree program. A "certificate" program does not meet the requirements as a degree program.

The NFLP loan recipient must complete the education component(s) required to prepare qualified nurse faculty prior to complete the program of study. These include:

  • NURS 6710-Developing Instructional Programs in Nursing
  • NURS 6720-Teaching, Learning and Evaluation in Nursing
  • NURS 6730-Practicum and Seminar in Teaching.

Kelly Phillips, Ph.D.


University Graduate School.

Additional sources of funding are available through UToledo's graduate school. For more information, visit:


Last Updated: 3/25/20