Office of the Registrar

Ohio In-State Residency: E1

If you are an independent student employed in Ohio full or part time, pursuing a part time program of study...

OBR rules state, "A person who is living and is gainfully employed on a full-time or part-time and self-sustaining basis in Ohio and who is pursuing a part-time program of instruction at an institution of higher education shall be considered a resident of Ohio for these purposes."

Required documentation in addition to that required on the first page of application:

  • An original letter from the student's employer on company letterhead indicating date employment began, number of hours hired to work per week, rate of pay, most recent pay stub
  • A copy of the the student's Ohio driver license
  • A copy of your Ohio motor vehicle registration
  • Year to date pay stub of income earned from employment (only taxable income is considered).  Financial aid, savings or VA/social security benefits can not be considered as income
  • A copy of the students most recent federal and state income tax returns
  • If student is 25 or younger a copy of the first and signature pages of their parent's or legal guardian’s federal Income tax returns, proving student was not claimed as a dependent in the most recent tax year
  • A copy of lease, mortgage agreement or property deed which includes date of occupancy and signature page
The above is not an all-inclusive list.  Provide all documents noted on the Ohio In-State Residency Application for review and include the documentation listed above. Any additional information required to confirm residency status would be requested through your University email account.
Last Updated: 10/27/20