Office of the Registrar

Ohio In-State Residency: E5

If you are, or are a dependent upon, a migrant worker in Ohio...

OBR rules state, "A person who has been employed as a migrant worker in the state of Ohio and his or her dependents shall be considered a resident for these purposes provided such person has worked in Ohio at least four months during each of the three years preceding the proposed enrollment."

Required documentation in addition to that required on the first page of application:

  • An original statement from the Ohio Department of Job and Family Services verifying that the parent/student/spouse has been working in Ohio at least four months during each of the previous three years including dates living in Ohio
  • If the student is the spouse, a copy of the marriage certificate
  • If the student is a dependent on the parent's or legal guardian's tax returns, a copy of the first and signature pages of their federal and Ohio income tax returns proving the student was claimed as a dependent in the most recent tax year

The above is not an all-inclusive list. Provide all documents noted on the Ohio In-State Residency Application for review and include the documentation listed above. Any additional information required to confirm residency status would be requested through your University email account.

Last Updated: 10/27/20