Office of the Registrar

Ohio In-State Residency: E8

If you are (or are a dependent or spouse of) a member of the Ohio National Guard...

OBR rules state, "A person who is a member of the Ohio National Guard and who is domiciled in Ohio, and his or her spouse and dependents, shall be considered residents of Ohio while the person is in Ohio national guard service."

Required documentation:

  • A copy of your Ohio voter registration card
  • A copy of the Ohio driver’s license
  • If dependent is spouse of an Ohio resident, a copy of your marriage certificate
  • A copy of enlistment papers or an official letter from the personnel officer verifying enlistment in the Ohio National Guard

The above is not an all-inclusive list.  Provide all documents noted on the Ohio In-State Residency Application for review and include the documentation listed above. Any additional information required to confirm residency status would be requested through your University email account.

Last Updated: 2/21/20