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Student Employment

On-Campus Student Workers 

On-campus student employment provides the opportunity to develop career-readiness skills while earning as you learn. Our on-campus opportunities are embedded in all departments across both of our campuses.

Benefits of working on Campus:

There are many great benefits to working on campus!

  • School Friendly Schedule:  As an on-campus student employee you are always going to be a student first.  Departments are not able to schedule you to work during your classes.  You will also find that departments are very flexible with your schedule.  
  • Transportation:  After class, you are already on campus at work.  You will be saving time on your commute, and money on the fuel you do not have to use.
  • Networking:  Working alongside your professors and other professional staff provides you with a great chance to build a professional network.  As you get ready to graduate your network will also provide you with a great source of professional references.
  • Campus Involvement:  Students who work on campus are shown to be more involved with the school.  This involvement leads to higher grade point averages and retention rates.

How to Find a Job on Handshake

 In order to be inclusive to all UToledo students, on-campus hiring departments are required to post their new positions on Handshake for a minimum of seven days. Be sure to review Handshake on a regular basis as new positions are posted daily. Need help applying to on-campus jobs? Schedule an appointment with one of our Career Consultants! 

Learn more about Handshake  Browse Current On-Campus Jobs  

For jobs at the University Bookstore Barnes and Noble please visit their job posting site found here. 

You're Hired! Complete your New Hire Paperwork 

 Congratulations on your new position.  Before you can start working, there are a few new hire documents you will need to complete.

New Hire Paperwork Information




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Last Updated: 7/15/24