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Rocket Payment Plan

University of Toledo offers a Rocket Payment Plan to help families manage the cost of financing a college education.  The Rocket Payment Plan is not a loan, you will not be assessed interest, only a low enrollment fee each time you elect to enroll. 

The plan allows you to break down your current term educational expenses into easy-to-manage installments, rather than one lump-sum payment.  Payment due dates are specific to the plan and the semester.  It's simple and convenient.

Please review the Frequently Asked Questions below to learn more about the Rocket Payment Plan.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I enroll for the Rocket Payment Plan?

  1. Log into MyUT portal
  2. Enter UTAD credentials
  3. On Student tab, in My ToolKit under My Accounts, click Rocket Payment Plan Application

May I enroll in the plan after the initial due date of the semester?

Yes.  The payment plan will require payment of any missed installments up to the date of enrollment.  All remaining installments will default to the remaining payment plan due date(s).  You may enroll in the plan up until the third installment of the plan for fall/spring or by the second installment for summer.   To obtain more information on the due dates, please visit the Treasurer's Important Dates.

How many installments are in the plan?

There are four installments in fall/spring and three installments in summer.

How do I pay my monthly payment plan installment?

Scheduled, automatic monthly payments may be set up during the payment plan enrollment. If not enrolled in schedule payments, monthly installment payments can be paid online through MyUT portal >Student tab >My Accounts >View/Pay Bill (eStatement).

Will my financial aid be considered as my first payment?

Authorized and Memo Financial Aid are used to calculate your monthly installments and can not be utilized as the first payment.

  • Financial aid is dependent on enrollment and other financial aid requirements .
  • If financial aid is adjusted or does not disburse for any reason, the monthly installment may adjust.
  • To review your financial aid status, visit MyUT portal >Student tab >My Financial Aid > Check Eligibility Status.

What will occur if I incur additional fees to my student account after I enroll in the plan?

The plan will automatically recalculate each morning and include any additional fees that may have assessed.  UToledo highly recommends reviewing your student account if you have made any changes to your courses.  This will ensure you are paying the accurate amount if the monthly installment has changed.

What happens if I missed my scheduled payment?

Payments not received by the installment due date, will be subjected to a late payment fee. 

Can the Rocket Payment Plan be utilized for prior semester balances?

The Rocket Payment Plan is only for current semester charges.

What if I enroll in the plan and change my mind and no longer need the plan?

The enrollment fee is non-refundable.  The remaining installments will still remain and need to be paid by the installment due date(s).  You will not be penalized if account is paid off before the installment due dates.

If I enroll in the plan for one semester will I be enrolled automatically for the next semester?

Enrollment in the Rocket Payment Plan is required each semester.

Whom should I contact if I have questions regarding the Rocket Payment Plan?

Please contact Rocket Solution Central (RSC), Rocket Hall 1200 or call 419.530.8700.

Last Updated: 6/27/22