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Placement Tests

The University of Toledo provides incoming students with an innovative and convenient option to complete placement testing. ALEKS is an online system that uses adaptive questioning to quickly and accurately assess student knowledge.  It can be accessed on any computer with internet access that meets the system requirements.


  • Chemistry placement test is required if you took chemistry in high school.
  • Math placement test is required.
  • English placement test is not required.
  • Foreign language placement test is not required.

Please Note

Placement test(s) should be completed at least a week prior to the student’s New Student Orientation, Rocket Launch program. However, we strongly encourage students to start taking these placement tests at least two months prior in case remediation is needed.

Chemistry Placement Test

  • If you have already earned an AP Chemistry score of 3 or higher, transfer credit equivalent to CHEM 1090 or CHEM 1230 at UToledo, or if you have not completed any high school chemistry course, you do not have to take a chemistry placement test.
  • Details about the ALEKS Chemistry Placement Test can be found here.    
  • There is no fee for the ALEKS Chemistry Placement Test.
  • If your Initial Assessment is below 50%, continue to use the Learning Mode and subsequent Assessments to reach 50% or above. 

Math Placement Test

  •  If you have already earned an AP Calculus (AB or BC) score of 3 or higher, or transfer credit equivalent to MATH1850 at UToledo, you do not have to take a Math Placement Test.
  • Details about the ALEKS Math Placement Test can be found here.       
  • After reading about the ALEKS Math Placement Test, log in here, provide payment, and begin testing.
  • The test costs $20 and three attempts are permitted.

If an Advanced Placement test for chemistry or calculus is being taken senior year, the results will not be available until July. Please follow the above requirements.


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Last Updated: 6/27/22