University Policy

Infection Control

Bloodborne Pathogens Exposure Control Plan 2015
Cleaning and Disinfection of the McGrath Laryngoscope
Tuberculosis Exposure Control Plan 2015
3364-109-DIS-204 Creutzfeld-Jakob Disease (CJD)
3364-109-DIS-206 TB (Tuberculosis) Isolation
3364-109-DIS-209 Investigations of Tissue Recipient/Donor Infections
3364-109-EH-501 Work Restrictions for Personnel With Contagious Diseases
3364-109-EH-502 Use of Hepatitis B Immune Globulin for Employees Exposed to Hepatitis B
3364-109-EH-503 New Employee, Annual and Post-Exposure Tuberculosis Skin Testing (TST)
3364-109-EH-600 Exposure Management Infectious Diseases: Healthcare Personnel (HCP)
3364-109-EH-601 Exposure Protocol for Needlestick Injury or Mucous Membrane Exposure
3364-109-EH-602 Follow Up Procedure on Patient/Personnel Potentially Exposed to a Communicable Disease
3364-109-EH-603 Immunization, Health Care Workers (HCW)
3364-109-EH-604 Guidelines for Pregnant Health Care Worker
3364-109-EQP-301 Sterility Assurance of Patient Care Items
3364-109-EQP-302 Cleaning/Disinfection of Flexible Fiberoptic (FFE) or Video Endoscopes
3364-109-EQP-304 Cleaning and Monitoring of Refrigerators, Microwaves, Ice Machines
3364-109-EQP-305 Use and Care of Ultrasound Gel
3364-109-EQP-306 Equipment Cleaning
3364-109-EQP-308 Food on the Clinical Units
3364-109-EQP-800 Toys and Play Surfaces, Inpatient Cleaning Procedures
3364-109-EQP-802 Linen Processes
3364-109-GEN-102 Hand Hygiene
3364-109-GEN-104 Reportable Diseases
3364-109-GEN-105 Animals in Health Care Facilities
3364-109-GEN-705 Vascular Access Management Standards
3364-109-ISO-401 Standard Precautions
3364-109-ISO-403 Protective Precautions
3364-109-ISO-404 Guidelines for Isolation Precautions in Hospitals
3364-109-SUR-001 Disclosure and Testing for Communicable Diseases to Members of Law Enforcement Agencies and Emergency Care Workers Under ORC Section 3701
3364-109-SUR-002 Disclosure of HIV Test Results of Diagnosis


Last Updated: 1/27/16