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Do You Have an Innovative Idea?

If so, we invite you to submit your novel ideas, discoveries, or research tools to the Technology Transfer Office so it may take a closer look.

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The University of Toledo is committed to becoming a national leader in technology transfer and commercialization. In support of the University’s mission to improve the human condition, it is important to make the benefits of discoveries conceived and developed at the University commercially available worldwide.

Inventing something is a highly creative and exploratory process, with an outcome that is uncertain or unknown. The first step in the inventive process is the initial idea. Inspiration can start the process, but no matter how complete the initial idea is, inventions typically have to be further developed.

The University of Toledo technology transfer group works with faculty, staff, and students to help identify the value of basic ideas and inventions and to bring these new technologies to the marketplace for the benefit of humankind.

In order to better assist the faculty, staff and students below please find a number of useful resources:

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Last Updated: 1/6/21